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Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs Review (2024): [& Alternatives]

Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Dr. Brent Bauer from Mayo Clinic are just a few of the medical practitioners and pain specialists who support the Medical Breakthrough brand with documented research.

And they have a point because this brand manufactures some of the top medical massage recliners on the market.

I consulted experts and came up with this massage chair review of the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs.

We’ll offer you chair comparisons, pros, and cons; we’ll even provide alternatives!

This is the most comprehensive buying guide for 2020 /2021!

About Company

Medical Breakthrough is a reputable brand that sells top-quality massage chairs, supported by top MDs, some of which are involved in the design process too.

Logo MedicalBreakThroughThe MB massage recliners are truly therapeutic, built to improve certain medical conditions, as well as to relax and relieve stress.

With free shipping, no sales tax in 49 states, and great warranties, this brand was started by chiropractic practitioners with 36 years of massaging experience.

Although not extremely affordable, the MB chairs are definitely well-made and don’t miss key features of cheaply priced chairs that compromise quality.

Best Models & Alternatives

Without further ado, let’s see what some of the best MB chairs and alternatives are below.

MB 6

Medical Breakthrough 6


The Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair has a foolproof therapeutic design, with over 25 doctors, chiropractors, and surgeons participating in its manufacturing.

As such, it features plenty of techniques such as Japanese 3D neck and shoulder massage, Turkish Treatment, Greek Stress Relief, the deep tissue treatment from Indonesia, New Delhi Yoga, Swedish airbag massage technique, and Hawaiian sleep therapy, plus a few ancient massages from the Romans and the Egyptians.

Body ScanAnother therapeutic bonus is the medical body scan, so you know this chair will find your sore spot correctly.

Zero gravity helps take the pressure off your spine so you can be more relaxed, but plenty of chairs have this feature.

The 3D L-track can be considered a unique advantage, considering that the shoulder to glute massage is quite vigorous.

This recliner comes with free shipping and no hidden fees, as well as a 3-year warranty.

It’s a quiet chair, with adjustable leg extensions, and a built-in Bluetooth connection.

But its best features are hands-down intense lower back rollers, hip twist, and reflexology massage.


  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Various techniques
  • Medical body scan
  • 3D L-track
  • Arm massage
  • Hip twist
  • Reflexology
  • Good warranty and free shipping


  • Just one zero-G position
  • No memory function


Summary: This model is a foolproof therapeutic chair, but it lacks certain user-friendly advantages like a memory function.

Best Alternative Infinity IT 8500



The first difference between the IT-8500 and the Medical Breakthrough 6 is the track design.

While the IT-8500 features an S-track that, albeit ergonomic, stops around your waist area, the Breakthrough 6 offers a superior L-track that can get to your glutes.

However, the quad rollers fix this problem a little.

The IT-8500 also offers a 3D body scan, air massage, and lumbar heat, but two different zero-G positions.

You also have plenty of options with this model, but there are just the usual techniques, like Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Percussion, Dual Action, and Shiatsu.

By comparison, this 6th model offers more therapeutic options.

Another advantage of the IT-8500 over the MB 6 is the zone massage function that allows you to keep the rollers on a tight spot as much as you want to.

Both chairs offer a body stretch, but the Yoga Stretch featured by the MB6 is more relaxing, while the one offered by the IT 8500 is quite vigorous.

Both chairs feature users body twist plus calf and foot massage, but the IT 8500 has one advantage: the inversion therapy that improves circulation.

Besides, while both offer a Bluetooth connection, the IT 8500 has an optional app control designed to provide easier control than that of a remote.


  • Quad rollers
  • 2 zero-gravity positions
  • Zone massage
  • Inversion therapy
  • Optional app control


  • S-track
  • Basic techniques
  • Vigorous body stretch


Summary: The IT 8500 has fewer therapeutic functions than the MB 6, but compensates through inversion therapy and 2 zero-G positions.

MB Vending 5

MB Vending 5


With free shipping and a 3-year warranty, the Vending 5 is a military-grade, heavy-duty massage chair that accepts various bills and credit cards, featuring a user-friendly interface.

Just like the MB6, it has a smart, full-body medical scan and a head-to-toe back system.

Users will benefit from a 3D deep tissue massage, albeit the intense lower back rollers might feel a bit much for some people.

FDA Awards

It’s quiet, it has full-body reflexology, zero-G, and body twist, but unlike the MB6 it’s less therapeutic and better suited for relaxation – after all, it’s a Vending that should fit the needs of very distinct people.

Therefore, the techniques are fewer and less specialized than those featured by the MB6: Kneading, Flapping, Combo, Knocking, and Shiatsu.

There are 6 built-in programs with 5-speed levels with fixed, partial.

You can also adjust the massage zone, the pressure, and the distance between the kneading balls.

However, a true bonus when comparing this chair to the MB6 or to other vending models is the foot rubs it offers, including arch and heel scraping.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Versatile
  • Medical body scan
  • Relaxing
  • Customized massage
  • Foot rubs with arch and heel scraping


  • Fewer massage techniques
  • No music
  • No heat therapy


Summary: The best Vending for its foot massagers and top relaxation, the MB Vending 5 could do with some therapy and more manual programs.

Best Alternative Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna LM6800


A therapeutic, value-for-money massage chair from a reliable brand, the Kahuna LM6800 is a feature-packed chair with a space-saving design.

Its best feature is the hybrid L/S track design because it combines the advantages of both types of tracks: it fits your anatomical shape, and the rollers can massage your glutes and hamstrings.

As opposed to the MB chairs reviewed until now, the Kahuna 6800 has 3 zero-gravity seating positions.

The air massage mode is also great, with 36 air cells to cover your entire body, which the MB 5 lacks.

In terms of options and techniques, the Kahuna is comparable to the MB Vending 5, seeing as it includes Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling, and Shiatsu, so nothing special there.

Just like the MB Vending 5, but not so ordinary for an affordable model, the Kahuna 6800 offers a zone option and a body stretch function.

However, there’s heat therapy for both the back and the calves, which lacks for the MB Vending 5.

But even if you have calf heat with the Kahuna, the calf and foot massage are arguably better with the MB Vending 5, seeing as this chair features foot rubs with arch and heel scraping.


  • Hybrid track
  • 3 zero-G positions
  • Great airbag massage
  • Zone massage option
  • Back and calf therapy
  • Shiatsu massage chair


  • No MP3 support
  • Poorer foot massage than the MB 5


Summary: A value for the money model, the Kahuna 6800 offers a relaxing, comprehensive massage.

MB 4MB 4 Model


With its doctor-based manufacturing and expert craftsmanship, the MB 4 distinguishes itself by its unlimited customization seeing as you can adjust anything from its incline to your massage type.

Just like the MB6, it includes a medical body scan and zero gravity, but it excels through its chiropractic backstretch.

This is done courtesy of inflatable air bags that squeeze your hips, stretching your back muscles.

Medical 4Another similarity with the MB6 is the superior L-track design that fits the anatomy of your body, while the rollers can get up to your buttocks and hamstrings.

However, the MB4 has fewer built-in techniques with just the common Kneading, Flapping, Knocking, Combo, and Shiatsu.

But a definite advantage is the two memory functions courtesy of which you can store your favorite settings.

You also have three manual mode options and five-speed levels, including a zoned massage. Even the airbag massage has three intensity levels!

Just like the MB6, the MB4 features therapy with , which is extremely therapeutic considering it uses infrared heat that warms you from the inside.

But probably the unique feature is the toe massage you’ll be getting thanks to the two pairs of papillae, though the heel and arch scraping comes at a close second.


  • Easily customizable
  • Chiropractic back stretching technology
  • Airbag technique
  • Infrared
  • Toe massage
  • Heel and arch scraping
  • Memory function


  • Common massage techniques
  • No built-in music system

Summary: The Medical Breakthrough 4’s best features include infrared heat therapy and toe massage, but it lacks some of the more therapeutic techniques of the MB6.

MB 8

MB 8 Model


With free shipping and a 3-year warranty, the Medical Breakthrough 8 boasts some of the same features as the Medical Breakthrough 6: medical full body scan, head-to-toe back massage system, 3D massage, intense lower back rollers, and engulfed arm massage.

This is a quiet chair with adjustable leg extensions and wheels to move it around easily.

Breakthrough 8It offers a full-body stretch, a quality shoulder massage courtesy of huge shoulder massagers, reflexology, custom forming sole rollers, and a hip twist.

As opposed to the MB6, the MB8 has the patented chiropractic body twist technology, as well as a Champissage head massager for a strong neck massage.

There are 167 air cells for a vigorous air massage, plus the built-in Human Hands system and the Extreme Customization system with various speeds and intensity levels.

Besides, the MB8 has a USB/Mp3 connection plus headphones. On the other hand, the MB 6 has many more techniques from around the world, while the MB 8 features basic techniques like Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Shiatsu, Knocking, and Rolling.


  • Chiropractic Body Twist
  • 167 air cell system
  • Custom fitted
  • USB/ MP3/ Music
  • Headphones
  • Strong neck massage


  • Just one zero-G position
  • Basic techniques

Summary: The Medical Breakthrough 8 is a feature-packed, highly customizable chair that’s very user-friendly, but could benefit from more therapeutic massage techniques.

Best Alternative Luraco i7 PLUS


In the same price range, the Luraco i7 PLUS is an excellent alternative to the Medical Breakthrough 8, but let’s start with the disadvantages first.

Although it features a full body scan, this is not as good as the medical body scan offered by the MB 8.

Besides, the S-track design isn’t as good as an L-track or hybrid design.

Luraco i7 PLUSThat said, the Luraco i7 Plus is listed with the FDA, CE, and UL, built for medical purposes.

This is a highly customizable chair too, with 5 memory slots, pause, and resume buttons, and built-in blood pressure and heart rate monitor.

The Luraco i7 features full body heat, body shape detection, and great neck massaging, plus a 3-layer foot and calf massage.

It also has some of the same characteristics as the MB 8, such as basic techniques that include Tapping and Kneading with various intensities and speed adjustments.

It also features 10 W Bluetooth speakers and can fit bigger-sized as well as petite users.


  • FDA, CE, and UL listed
  • 5 memory slots
  • Pause and resume
  • Built-in blood pressure and heart rate monitor
  • Full body heat
  • Body shape detection
  • 3-layer foot and calf massage


  • S-track design
  • Body scan not as good as that of the MB8


Summary: The Luraco i7 Plus is a truly therapeutic model, but could benefit from more techniques and hybrid track design.

MB 7

MB 7 Model


The Medical Breakthrough 7 recliner has a few of the same characteristics as the MB6.

It features zero gravity, although just one position, an automatic scanner, 3D deep tissue, intense lower back, arm massage, and full-body stretch.

Bluetooth Control

It’s a quiet chair with transport wheels and adjustable leg extensions that can deliver a great hip twist thanks to longer rollers.

It also features huge shoulder massagers, air massage, heat therapy, reflexology, and sole rollers.

As opposed to the MB 6, the MB7 features an AUX connection instead of Bluetooth and has two extra patented systems: the Human Hands Massage System™ and the Champissage Head Massager™.

This head massager is inspired by an Indian practice and comes with a pillow that air-massages your head to relax you and improve oxygen circulation to the brain.

It’s also a great way to improve lymphatic drainage, increase joint mobility and release endorphins.

The Human Hands system feels very real – like a chiropractor is working on your body.

However, the MB 7 features some of the more basic techniques, like Kneading, Tapping, Combination, Shiatsu, Knocking, and Rolling.


  • Great sole massage
  • Human Hands Massage System™
  • Amazing head massage


  • Basic techniques

Summary: The therapeutic purpose of the Medical Breakthrough 7 is to deliver human-like massages that improve lymphatic drainage and increase mobility.

MB 9

MB 9 Model


Praised as the best medical massage chair ever made on the official website, the Medical Breakthrough 9 offers some of the same advantages as the MB6, such as zero gravity, medical scan, 3D deep tissue massage, intense lower back rollers, arm massaging, full-body stretch, hip twist, heat massaging, shoulder massaging, reflexology, and sole rollers.

It’s also quiet, has adjustable leg extensions and wheels.

Breakthrough 9However, it features some extras, like the Human Hands Massage System™ which feels very lifelike, and the Champissage Head Massager™ that air-massages your head to improve circulation.

Its Chiropractic BodyTwist™ Technology is an improvement in comparison to the regular body twist, and its air massage works with 167 air cells.

This chair also features the Extreme Customization System™ which makes it easy to adjust your preferences, plus a USB/ MP3/ Music connection and headphones.

But probably its best feature is the Advance Medical Care Systems™ that helps select the medical issue you want to work on, including cardiovascular problems, chronic back pain, chemotherapy or cancer-related symptoms, anxiety, and physical recovery.

However, the massaging motions used are pretty basic, with just Kneading, Flapping, Combo, Shiatsu, Knocking and Rolling.


  • Human Hands Massage System™
  • Champissage Head Massager™
  • Chiropractic BodyTwist™
  • 167 air cells
  • Extreme Customization System™
  • Advance Medical Care Systems™


  • Basic massage techniques
  • Just one zero-G position


Summary: The Medical Breakthrough 9 excels through its Advance Medical Care Systems™ that helps you work on a specific medical issue, but could use more advanced massage techniques.

Where to Buy Medical Breakthrough Chair Series

A good place to start is to check the price on Amazon. With good shipping and return policies as well as decent prices, Amazon is a great way to read user reviews, see ratings, answered questions as well as similar products.

Amazon Shop

For instance, if your massage chair doesn’t include an incorporated music system, you can easily buy speakers or headphones from the same place.

Otherwise, the Medical Breakthrough website is trustworthy and offers free shipping plus some holiday offers. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t feature complete user reviews.

Can I Use Massage Chair Everyday?

You’re in luck if you’ve already found a massage chair at your local big box store, mall, or online. The good news is, you’ll be able to use the massage chair for as long as you’re able to stay upright. Having chronic back pain yourself, you might have a hard time believing that you’d be able to utilize the chair for much longer than an hour. But, you can use the recliner as much as you like without putting yourself at any risk of injuring yourself.

So, with this in mind, you’ll still need to be cautious about making sure that you’ve always got the assistance of a physician to evaluate your ongoing back pain. It is of your first thoughts for taking massages daily to enjoy a wellness lifestyle, but one should not make the mistake of going too overboard for the simple purpose of visiting massage chairs every day for an extended time. You should always avoid massages on your sole like your sole is of the highest level of the last grade. What should you expect from taking it daily? Healthy Lifestyle. You will feel wonderful and feel healthy all the days of the year. You can also find out that your whole body has been transformed into a healthier one. You will also be happy and happier all the days of the year.

Can Massage Chairs Be Harmful?

Do you suffer from backache? Is it because of the chair in your office or the chair in your living room? People usually suffer from this type of pain after sitting in a soft chair for too long. However, a recent study found that there is a greater probability of pain in patients who use massage chairs more often.

The experts at Caron Treatment Centers in New Jersey looked at patients and their chair use. To the average person, using a massage chair does not sound like a huge problem. However, according to the study, patients with chronic back pain are more likely to suffer from this type of pain. The findings suggest that people who use chairs more often have a greater probability of suffering from back pain. Some experts believe that frequent use of massage chairs can cause muscle atrophy, which leads to backache.

Are Vibrating Chairs Good for You?

There are some pretty amazing concepts out there: Tummy Treasures massage chairs, which keep your legs warm and vibrate so that you can lie back and let your leg muscles relax. The Oxytune, makes you smell better. And the smart massager, can detect muscle tension and adjust the intensity accordingly. But these vibrating chairs are a little different. They might not make you smell better, but they promise to give you a break from being sedentary.

The Ultimate Work-Out Chairю Like sitting on a treadmill, these chairs produce some level of vibration, but in some cases, the vibration is customized to suit your specific workout. The PT Cruiserz, for example, offers three different modes of vibration, depending on which workout you’re aiming for: Indoor Run mode for your morning run; Sprint model for interval training; and Weight Training mode.

Why is Massage Chair So Expensive?

There are so many varieties of massage chairs out there, but all these chairs are created by companies who spend millions of dollars to create a set of designs. All these companies have their primary focus to create the most comfortable massage chair in the market.

The main concern that every single company that manufactures a massage chair is that their massages chairs are extremely safe and comfy to use What is the point of spending so much money if you are going to get rid of your skin at the end of the day? Therefore, all these companies try to add a bunch of features to their massages chairs so that you can become comfortable using their products. One more feature that you are required to add to your massage chair is a warranty. It is a given fact that you are going to be using your massage chair.

Best Massage Chair For Neck And Shoulders

Hang Five Massage Chair With Recline Feature $147 Amazon See On Amazon Whether you want to relax in an easy chair or lie down on a sofa, this reclining massage chair with a massage feature will have you feeling all the benefits of a full-body massage. Best of all, it’s adjustable to five different degrees, so you can choose the exact angle that works best for you. Reviewers call it “powerful,” “totally non-skid,” and “gentle.” The low profile gives you a lot of privacy while you’re getting your massages. Best For Low Back Pain. Harvard Biodex Super Quill Bath With Adjustable Back $200 Amazon See On Amazon If you have a physical problem with your back, this luxurious massage chair with adjustable back height is the way.

What Do Chiropractors Think About Massage Chairs?

Chiropractors hold varying opinions regarding massage chairs, reflecting a diverse range of perspectives within the profession. It’s important to recognize that chiropractic is not a monolithic field, and individual chiropractors may have different views. However, I can provide an overview of the common sentiments and considerations chiropractors may have regarding massage chairs.

  1. Beneficial for Relaxation and Pain Relief: Many chiropractors acknowledge the potential benefits of massage chairs for relaxation and temporary pain relief. These chairs often use techniques like kneading, rolling, and vibration to target muscle tension and promote relaxation, which can be beneficial for patients dealing with muscle-related discomfort.
  2. Complementary to Chiropractic Care: Some chiropractors view massage chairs as a complementary tool to their treatments. They believe that using massage chairs before or after an adjustment can help patients relax and make adjustments more effective.
  3. Improved Blood Circulation: Massage chairs are designed to stimulate blood circulation, which may help in the recovery and healing process. Chiropractors appreciate this potential benefit, especially for patients with musculoskeletal issues.
  4. Non-Invasive and Drug-Free: Chiropractors often advocate for drug-free and non-invasive approaches to pain management. Massage chairs align with this philosophy, as they offer relief without medication or surgery.
  5. Patient Education: Chiropractors may educate their patients on the proper use of massage chairs and advise them to choose models that align with their specific needs. They might also emphasize that while massage chairs can provide temporary relief, they should not replace chiropractic care for addressing underlying issues.
  6. Limitations: Chiropractors are generally aware that massage chairs have limitations. These devices may not provide the same level of individualized care and assessment that a chiropractor can offer. Chiropractors stress that massage chairs should not be seen as a replacement for professional chiropractic evaluation and adjustments, especially for patients with chronic or severe conditions.
  7. Quality and Customization: Chiropractors may advise their patients to invest in high-quality massage chairs that offer customization options to better cater to individual needs. Adjustable intensity and focus on specific areas of the body are features that may be emphasized.

In summary, chiropractors’ opinions on massage chairs are varied, reflecting the individualized and patient-centered nature of chiropractic care. While many appreciate the potential benefits of massage chairs for relaxation and muscle relief, they typically emphasize that these devices should be used in conjunction with, rather than as a replacement for, professional chiropractic care. Chiropractors aim to educate their patients about the proper use of massage chairs and stress their limitations while highlighting their potential role as part of a holistic approach to health and well-being.

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Massage Chairs?

When it comes to choosing a massage chair, the price can vary significantly, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. While both cheap and expensive massage chairs aim to provide relaxation and therapeutic benefits, the differences between them extend beyond just cost. Understanding these distinctions can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

Material Quality and Durability
One of the most noticeable differences between cheap and expensive massage chairs is the quality of materials used. Expensive massage chairs often feature high-grade leather or synthetic materials that are not only comfortable but also durable, ensuring longevity even with frequent use. In contrast, cheaper chairs are typically made with lower-quality materials that may wear out more quickly and provide less comfort over time. The durability of the internal components, such as motors and mechanical parts, is also superior in more expensive models, which contributes to their extended lifespan and reliability.

Advanced Features and Customization
Expensive massage chairs come equipped with a range of advanced features that enhance the user experience. These may include 3D or 4D massage technology, which allows for more precise and varied massage movements that can mimic the techniques of a human masseuse. Additionally, high-end models often offer customizable settings, such as adjustable intensity levels, targeted massage zones, and multiple massage modes (e.g., Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping). Cheap massage chairs, on the other hand, typically offer fewer features and less customization, providing a more basic and less personalized massage experience.

Massage Techniques and Effectiveness
The effectiveness of the massage provided by the chair is another critical factor. Expensive massage chairs often employ sophisticated technology to deliver a deeper, more effective massage that can target specific muscle groups and provide therapeutic benefits, such as improved circulation and reduced muscle tension. They might include features like body scanning, which adjusts the massage to the user’s body shape and size, ensuring optimal contact and pressure. Cheaper chairs generally lack these advanced techniques and may offer a more generic, less effective massage that does not cater to individual needs as precisely.

Comfort and Ergonomics
Comfort and ergonomics are crucial aspects where expensive massage chairs excel. High-end models are designed with superior ergonomic support to ensure that the user’s body is well-supported and aligned during the massage. This includes features like zero-gravity positioning, which distributes body weight evenly and reduces pressure on the spine and joints. Cheaper massage chairs might not provide the same level of ergonomic support, potentially leading to discomfort or inadequate therapeutic outcomes over extended use.

Aesthetic and Design
The aesthetic appeal and design quality also differ significantly. Expensive massage chairs often boast sleek, modern designs with attention to detail that can complement various interior decors. They are designed not only to be functional but also to be a stylish addition to your home or office. Cheaper models may focus less on design and more on functionality, which can result in a more utilitarian appearance that may not blend as seamlessly with your living space.

Customer Support and Warranty
Lastly, the level of customer support and warranty provided can vary greatly. Expensive massage chairs usually come with comprehensive warranties that cover parts and labor for several years, along with robust customer support services. This ensures peace of mind and assistance in case of any issues. Cheaper chairs may offer limited warranties and less reliable customer support, which can be a drawback if problems arise.

In summary, the primary differences between cheap and expensive massage chairs lie in the quality of materials, advanced features, effectiveness, comfort, design, and customer support. While cheap massage chairs can provide basic relief and relaxation, investing in a more expensive model can offer a significantly enhanced experience with long-term benefits. By understanding these differences, you can choose a massage chair that best meets your needs and provides the most value for your investment.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed various Medical Breakthrough body massage chairs with a zero-gravity design from different price ranges, as well as some valuable alternatives that offer a real relax.

The best massage recliner when comparing cost vs. benefits is the Medical Breakthrough 6

thanks to its plethora of built-in therapeutic techniques expert design and user-friendly operation.

That said, which chair will you purchase and why? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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