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Best Massage Chair Review (2024): TOP Recliners [Buyer Guide]

Do you know how many massage chairs are being made each year? Just consider that each major company has tens of products lined up, not to mention smaller brands.

Who could try all these massage chairs or read endless chair reviews and expert opinions about them without getting all tensed up and needing a massage even more?

Well, me.

I’ve tested a lot of recliners and I’m always doing research about them.

And even if I promised to discuss the 7 best models in 2024, I’m actually going to go a bit further and add ten more models to cover the entire price pool.

Quick hint if you don’t already know this about me: I voted for Luraco i7 Plus as the winner!

Luraco i7 PLus – #1 Massage Chair in The Word (Editor’s Pick)


And if you find yourself lost in all the electric massage chair specs and functions, I also have a complete buyers’ guide plus an FAQ section below!

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Best Massage Chair Review (2024 Update)

You already know my opinion, I’m a Luraco i7 Plus fan through and through. But there are other models to review, so let’s get to it!

1. Luraco i7 Plus – #1 Best Overall

Luraco i7 Plus


This Luraco medical massager is one of the best models TODAY (actually THE BEST in my opinion) I could find because it features tons of quality characteristics, all rounding up its medical purpose.

Firstly, the chair is designed and manufactured in the US, which isn’t something you see every day. Besides, it’s listed with the FDA, CE, and UL, so you can rely on its high-tech and heavy-duty construction.

Among its most special features, the 5 memory settings are really user-friendly. You can also adjust the intensity and speed, plus select different body parts for a terrific type of massage.

Hint: the foot massage was absolute heaven. Among the manual type of massage, Kneading and Tapping with various speed controls feel great. The pause and resume buttons are other user-friendly characteristics: you can simply stop and have the Luraco technology Irobotics focus on the sorest spot on your body.

FDA Registered / approved

And thanks to the 10WBluetooth speakers, you can enjoy a truly immersive and great massage experience. You? Who are you? Well, everyone up to 300 pounds, with a height between 4’7” to 6’7” – this is a chair built for everyone!

There are even built-in blood pressure and heart rate monitor and full-body heat! The 3D feels great, with all the proven benefits of deep tissue massages, like better circulation and reduced chronic pain.

The Zero-gravity feature inside the Luraco iRobotics chair is another plus, considering that all your weight is taken by the rollers, so it makes for a soothing massage that can help you fall asleep easily. The S-track design follows the natural curve of your spine, which some people say has fewer benefits than an L-track or a hybrid track – but I’ll discuss that below.

Still, with the rollers being able to move 3 inches from their track, this model is deep and as great as that given by a licensed chiropractor.


  • Chair is built in the US
  • Listed with the FDA, CE, and UL
  • 5 memory massage settings
  • Immersive experience
  • Human-like feel
  • Accommodating to a wide array of body types


  • Price point
  • The track design could be improved


Summary: The Luraco i7 Plus is a therapeutic high-quality model that could only be made better at a more affordable price.

2. Human Touch Novo XT2 – #2 Top-Rated Model (Space Saver)

Novo XT2


This polyurethane chair may be imported, but it’s designed in the USA – a first similarity with the Luraco.

However, I love its space-saving design, you just need a 2-inch wall clearance to use it comfortably.

It’s also a user-friendly chair thanks to the Altec Lansing premium sound system that’s again very immersive, thanks to the soothing nature sounds. Premium features are close to one of Luraco’s, but the sound system (if that is important to you) is the best in the industry, which also makes this Human Touch chair one of the top-rated models available.

A significant difference when comparing this to the Luraco is the hybrid SL track design that follows the anatomical spine curve and also increases the massage coverage to your buttocks and thighs.

Dual Lumbar Heat

The foot massage is great with this robotic massage chair, especially since the underfoot rollers can be adjusted, harnessing the true power of reflexology. You even get Cloud touch acupressure with this chair thanks to a penetrating air massage.

I also loved the Flex 3D massage technology, very similar to that of the Luraco, especially since you get various intensity massage settings here too. And you can count on the dual lumbar heat to loosen tight back muscles and ease chronic sciatica pain, though the Luraco features heat for the body.

With 35 auto programs you can test, the stretch program is probably the one I loved the most. I also loved the 2 zero-gravity positions, but the Luraco is more of a medical massage chair.

Human Touch XT2 is the second winner!


  • 8 built-in nature tracks
  • 2 zero-gravity massage
  • Lots of options
  • Long massage stroke


  • No memory settings


Summary: The Novo XT2 is a feature-packed reclining that can easily customize, but it could use some memory settings.

3. Kahuna LM-6800 – #1 Budget Chair

Kahuna LM 6800 - kahuna massage chair - full body zero gravity


This Kahuna recliner is a budget chair and our best-rated option in this category. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including space-saving technology and a hybrid track design.

This allows the Kahuna LM6800 to fit your natural spine curve, while the rollers can massage all the way from your neck to your hamstrings. If you’ve been patient enough to read so far, you’ve seen that most of the recliners above feature one or two zero-gravity positions.FDA Registered

The Kahuna lm6800 has three! Besides, it offers a pretty decent air massage too, thanks to 36 air cells that cover your entire body.

However, there’s nothing special about the massage it features: just the basic Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling plus the advanced Shiatsu. However, I liked the zone massage function inside Kahuna LM6800 which allowed me to have this model focus on a single sore spot on my upper back.

The body stretch function is firm, yet relaxing, plus the back and calf heat therapy are incredibly relaxing. But I did miss a more comprehensive massage for my foot since the Kahuna doesn’t offer a sole scraping option.


  • Hybrid track
  • 3 zero-G positions
  • Good air bag massage
  • 4 roller system
  • 6 Auto Programs
  • Zone massage option
  • Back and calf heating therapy
  • Full body shiatsu chair recliner


  • No MP3 support
  • No heat therapy control


Summary: The Kahuna 6800 offers a relaxing, massage for your body at an affordable price.

4. Infinity It 8500 & Infinity It 8500X3 – #1 in Mid-price Range Category

The Infinity IT 8500 features an S-track design with quad rollers, which are fairly standard but still deliver a functional massage. The 3D body scanning allows the computer to find pressure points on your body, but you can also adjust the rollers yourself – always a plus.

Infinity X3The Zero-Gravity seating is another plus, especially with two positions that allow you to reap the benefits of a penetrating massage. There are also six techniques offered, but only one advanced: Shiatsu, which is the industry standard for the price range.

BUT: you can combine any two techniques thanks to the dual-action feature!! Loved it! There are also four auto programs that you can adjust in speed, though you can’t adjust the intensity. I also loved the deep massage, but I admit it might be too much for the average user, who can only decrease the intensity in appearance by reducing the speed.

However, this is a mistake corrected by the Infinity IT 8500X3. I also loved the spot function which allows you to focus on a sore spot as well as on a specific region. The airbag massage mode is pretty average though, with 38 Second Generation air bags and 5 intensity levels.


The lumbar heating option is good for treating lower back pain, but hands-down the best feature of the Infinity IT 8500 is the body stretch, which is quite firm. Infinity IT 8500This chair features a twist function for your spine, which feels like what a chiropractor would do. Besides, you can also adjust the speed! Inversion therapy is another stellar feature of the Infinity IT 8500, offering the same benefits on your spine as the swivel function, but at low impact.

You also get a decent calf and foot massage, but it’s not that intense – just with the airbags and all. The chair features MP3 support, an extendable ottoman for taller users – so it’s pretty user-friendly. The Infinity X3 sees some great additions, like more built-in programs, adjustable intensity, Bluetooth compatibility, plus a 4D courtesy of traveling rollers that can get 3 inches from the track.

Still, the X3 has a less adjustable timer – you can only choose between a 10-minute or a 30-minute session.


  • Dual-action feature to combine massage techniques
  • Inversion therapy
  • Spot function
  • Back twist


  • Short S-track
  • No intensity adjustment for the IT 8500
  • No memory functions
  • No roller calf massage


Summary: The Infinity IT 8500 is a perfect chair for inversion therapy and features some surprising combinations!

5. Inada Dreamwave

Inada Dreamwave (Inada Sogno)


The S-Track design is fairly standard, but it certainly delivers a quality massage thanks to features like the 3D bodyscan, which allows the computer to find your sore spots and adjust the rollers accordingly, though you can manually adjust them too.

The zero-gravity seating is another great feature, but you get just one position – I know, I was a bit let down too, especially since this chair is so customizable.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave With Man

Speaking of which, there are 16 built-in massage options such as the Human Hands, Kneading, Double Knead, Tapping, Combo, and Shiatsu, plus various speed, intensity, and roller width adjustments.

The Air Mode offers 101 second-generation airbags, you can change the air pressure and choose to massage different body parts individually.

The timer’s adjustable, you get individual back (including lower back) and seat heating option, vibration massage, body stretch, a thorough foot, and calf massage, so why isn’t this chair ranked first?

Well, there’s no way to control the temperature, no MP3 support, no space-saving technology, and the S-track feels pretty short.


  • Customizable
  • Feature-packed
  • Vibration
  • Seat heating option


  • No temperature controls
  • No space-saving technology
  • Just one zero-G
  • Short track design


6. Kahuna 7300 Kahuna Superior

SM 7300


Just like the Kahuna 6800, the Kahuna 7300 model features an SL track design that’s considered one of the best on the market.

It allows this model to fit the anatomically curved shape of your spine while allowing the rollers to get all the way down to your hamstrings.

The Kahuna 7300 helps you rip many therapeutic benefits, especially considering its six roller system – an upgrade from the 6800 chair model. Yoga Stretch

This allows you to benefit from more modes, plus they feel more life-like.

The 3D body-scan technology identifies all the pressure points, but there’s a manual adjustment feature for the rollers and the width.

The Kahuna 7300 chair product features various techniques like Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Knocking plus the advanced Shiatsu. Still, what I liked best is the Yoga Stretching – relaxing and firm at the same time.

While both masssage chair models feature a Zone option, the Kahuna 7300 boasts an adjustable timer as well as customizable modes for different lifestyles. Unfortunately, the Kahuna 7300 has only one zero-gravity level, 18 airbags for the air massage modes, and no calf heat therapy.

Still, you have to appreciate the removable seat cover and stretched footrest!


  • Various modes
  • Customizable
  • Human touch
  • Zero gravity shiatsu
  • Yoga stretch


  • No foot and calf heating options
  • Just one zero-G level
  • Just 18 airbags


Summary: The Kahuna SM-7300 chair doesn’t have a lot of extraordinary features, but it certainly provides a life-like massage.

Read my guide regarding a few more affordable and cheap massage chair models.

7. Osaki 3D Pro Ekon

Osaki 3D Ekon

Ekon full-body massage chairs come with some special features of their own, like the high-end 3D L-track design, which provides you with an immersive, deep, and electric massage all the way from the neck to the back of your thighs.

I loved the sliding base too because it’s so user-friendly, while the fiberglass exterior is truly unique – I have rarely seen such an enduring chair.

Besides, remember that the Osaki Pro Ekon is made by the same guys who manufactured the now discontinued Infinity Iyashi.

Ekon 3D Technology

Yes, in the same factory! But what I adored is the calf massage.

With a combination of kneading plus the roller on the back, the Pro Ekon delivers the absolute best calf massage when compared to any other robotic massager ever made.

Apart from that, there’s the 3D technology, lumbar heat, auto body-scan, zero gravity, and hybrid track – with all the health benefits I’ve explained above and will detail later on too. There are 6 built-in programs and 6 massage techniques, even a Bluetooth connection.

What I would have liked to see more on this chair is adjustable heat temperature, more than one zero-G position, and more options, apart from the basic ones plus the Shiatsu. But it’s still one of the best chairs on the market!


  • Best calf chair massage
  • High-end 3D L-track
  • Sliding base
  • 3D massage for a human-like experience


  • No adjustable heat temperature
  • Just one zero-G
  • Not as many massage options


Summary: The Pro Ekon delivers amazing calf massages and I promise it’s the last time I mention it here.

8. Ogawa Smart 3D

Smart 3D Ogawa


The Ogawa Smart 3D is not the most stylish chair I’ve seen and the LED lights might look a little kitschy but boy, do they work!

These chromotherapy lights help you relax and immerse yourself in the massage experience.

This chair is pretty big and heavy, but it’s designed with space-saving technology, so you need just a 4-inch clearance to fit it in.

3D Roller Smart

I also liked the L-track design and quad rollers, so you can get a deep massage from your neck to your hamstrings.

The Ogawa Smart 3D features two zero-G seating positions to maximize your overall experience and deliver a deeper massage.

Besides, there’s that 3D in the name which means the rollers move on the length, width, and depth of an imagined parallelepiped, pressing into your back for a deep tissue massage.

This chair has 17 automatic programs, body-specific options, plus six techniques, four of which are advanced (Balinese, Chinese, Japanese, and Swedish).

Plus the Thai option is great, relaxing, and stretch.

Body Scanning

You can customize all these options, create and save your changes, adjust the timer or even choose a manual massage.

And the 64 second-generation airbags deliver a great airbag massage, but the foot and calf massage isn’t that great.

With no sole massagers and just airbags to massage your feet, you can understand why it’s not that vigorous.

Besides, the remote is pretty difficult to use because you haven’t got one!

Instead, the Android tablet with the app is intuitive, with a special diagnostics section.


  • Easy to customize
  • Tablet instead of remote
  • Great airbag massage
  • 3D rollers
  • Robust
  • Relax massager


  • No foot roller


Summary: The Ogawa Smart 3D is one of the easiest to customize I’ve ever tried, but the foot massage is pretty average.

Now that you’ve familiar whit top 7 models, let’s see what some more affordable options you can find on the market.

9. Ogawa Touch 3D

Ogawa Touch 3D


The Ogawa Touch 3D is pretty niche and you either love it or hate it.

Starting with its design, you can appreciate that it doesn’t want to pretend it’s a piece of furniture, plus it’s pretty huge and doesn’t have a space-saving design, so you need to place it more than 31 inches away from a wall.

The good news is that it can fit taller people too, up to 6’5”.

Massage-wise, I enjoyed a 3D roller massage, which is fairly deep. I also liked the two Zero-G seating positions that made me feel weightless and relaxed. Ogawa Touch 3D Massage ChairBesides, the chromotherapy which uses built-in LED lights made me doze off faster than watching the Weather Channel.

You will also appreciate the body scanning that allows the chair to find your sore spots and how easy it is to control the roller position with the tablet. What I’m not a big fan of is the short S-track design that didn’t massage my glutes or hamstrings.

Besides, the dual rollers aren’t as good as quad rollers (unless you want a deeper intensity), but the chair compensated through various techniques, 9 basic and 4 advanced that include Balinese, Japanese, Shiatsu, and Swedish. There are also 5 speeds and 6 intensities to customize your massage from light to deep.

With spot and partial massage, air with 64 Second Generation airbags and 5 different intensity settings, lumbar heating, and Bluetooth speakers, the Ogawa is quite user-friendly. Not to mention the USB charging port and touchscreen tablet you can watch movies on.

There’s also a diagnostic section, but you need to invest a bit of time to learn how to master this chair first.


  • Plenty of options
  • Lumbar heating
  • Foot and calf massage


  • Dual rollers
  • Large footprint


Summary: This is a feature-packed chair that’s perfect for alleviating chronic back pain.

10. Titan Pro Jupiter XL

Pro Jupiter XL


The Titan Pro Jupiter XL features an L-track that goes from your neck and shoulders all the way to your hamstrings. It can fit people between 5’ to 6’6”, who can benefit from a deep massage courtesy of 3D rollers.

The body scanning technology used is up-to-date, accurate, and allows you to massage all your sore spots. The dual-action foot massagers are another good feature, especially in combination with the airbags. This is one of the best scraping massages I’ve ever tried!

Pro Jupiter XLThe zero-gravity recline features two positions, the second that lifts your knees and legs above heart level. I also appreciated the space-saving design which means you only need about 3 inches from the wall to use this chair.

And since there are Bluetooth speakers plus a microphone built-in, you can listen to music for a soothing experience or take the time to make some calls.

The heat for the back, seat, and calves is amazingly soothing, but you can’t use it for more than 30 minutes per day. Bummer! I also liked the head airbag massage, with an inflatable pillow that massaged my temples and made my brain feel more oxygenated.

In fact, the airbag massage offered by this chair is especially therapeutic for the hip and back areas, considering you can combine it with a twisting-squeezing function. There’s airbag massage for your other body parts, though, 9 auto programs, 5 techniques – all that with 5 adjustable speeds, 5 intensities, and 3 widths!

Read my guide about the overview of Titan Massage Chair models here.


  • Accommodates all body types
  • Great foot massage
  • Two zero-G positions
  • Space-saving
  • Immersive experience
  • Good massage
  • Adjustable speed and intensity


  • Basic massage techniques


Summary: The Titan Pro Jupiter XL offers basic functions, plus a stellar head massage.

Medical Breakthrough 6 V4.

Medical Breakthrough

Love your chair but hate trying to fold it? The Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 will make that a thing of the past. The well-built chair will recline, adjust the height and tilt for your comfort, and it’ll even have a full-sized headrest. You won’t have to go so far as to find a comfy place to sit.

The design team worked very hard to make sure that we could do something good with a hybrid setup. The combination of dual glides was something we wanted to put into this chair because most of our customers really love the reclining capability of the upright model. You can sit all day without having to get up and start the motor, so you can be comfortable and just sit there.” – Manu Dan of the team at Medical Breakthrough.

Available in both black and white, the chair has all the amenities you could want. You can add a memory foam pillow, a footrest, or just a Thermarest, depending on your liking. The chair will fold down flat, with the reclining feature making it as easy to carry as a briefcase. The chair is available for $1,595.

About the Company

Medical Breakthrough was created with one purpose in mind, to make our customers as comfortable as possible while sitting at home, or on the go. Our models provide the ultimate support to sit in comfort at home, on the road, at your office, or at any gathering. These chairs feature a unique posture designed to give the best posture possible. Chairs come with the basic tools one would need to make adjustments to get the best support.

Positive Posture Brio Chair

Positive Posture Brio


The Positive Posture Brio sports the Intelligent True 4D technology that allows the rollers to travel from the track so they can push into your spine for a more penetrating massage.

But since this model already features an L-track, its massages are fairly deep already. Brio L-Track

The good news is the track can get all the way from your neck down to your glutes and upper hamstrings. Although I love deep massages, I also like to have other options. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t feature many good techniques, just the 4 regular massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Pushing.

Still, there’s zero gravity for improving blood circulation and joint pain relief, heat for the lower back and calves, and compression. I can also appreciate the 10 built-in programs and manual adjustments, body scan, and space-saving design. But I really liked the foot roller – it’s the power of reflexology. And you can also appreciate how intuitive the remote is.


  • 4D
  • L-track
  • Zero-gravity
  • Back and calf heat therapy
  • Space-saving
  • Great sole massage


  • Fairly deep massage
  • Basic massage


Summary: The Positive Posture Brio features all the basic functions for hobbyist users.

Osaki OS-7200H

Osaki OS-7200H


The Osaki OS-7200H features auto body scanning, massage roller heads, and pressure sensors to deliver personalized massages.

In fact, this model doesn’t just find sore spots on your back; it also figures out how tall people are!

51 Airbags

The auto leg scan is another impressive feature, keeping your feet snugly positioned in the ottoman to align your calves and feet correctly.

The S-track design contours your spine, but it’s the industry standard, along with the quad rollers. These rollers mimic the movements of a chiropractor’s hands, especially beneficial for easing chronic pain.

Besides, you can adjust the intensity and roller width! I also liked the two zero-gravity positions for that true feeling of weightlessness.

The first position aligns the thighs and the heart, while the second elevates your legs further up to improve your circulation and increase the back massage intensity. The shoulder heating pads made me feel warm and relaxed, while the 51-airbags offered me a good compression massage from my neck and shoulder area all the way down to my feet.

Blue LED chromotherapyI also liked the MP3 port and built-in speakers; they really provide an immersive experience. And the Blue LED chromotherapy is just what you need if you struggle with sleep deprivation or other sleep-related issues, even anxiety. The remote is easy to use, and the auto-off timer is perfect for setting your massage duration.

You can choose between 6 techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling, Shiatsu, and Swedish) and 8 built-in programs. The Music Sync option is my favorite – the session is synced with the beat of your favorite tunes. Besides, you can adjust the intensity, speed, and roller width; you even have a Zone function!


  • Great body scan
  • Two zero-G positions
  • Heated massage shoulder pads
  • Chromotherapy
  • Auto-off timer
  • Adjustable
  • Great shoulder and neck massage


  • No calf heat
  • Advanced options
  • Short track


Summary: The Osaki OS-7200H is a top model for full-body massages, and provides soothing and relaxation from head to toes.

Welcome to my next section. I promised 7 of the best chairs, but what would this review be without some affordable models? Read along!

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim (Price Around $3300)

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim product


The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim chair features a hybrid track technology that combined the anatomically curved shape of your spine courtesy of the S-track with the roller’s ability to get all the way down to your hamstrings, courtesy of the L-track.

The touchscreen controller is like a smart tablet, but bigger, so it’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

OS Maxim ChairAnother user-friendly feature is the body-scan technology which identifies your pressure points so it can deliver personalized massages.

Speaking of which, you can customize your massage thanks to 12 pre-programmed sessions, manual techniques such as Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Clapping, Swedish, and Shiatsu, plus 5 intensity levels. The air bag massage features 36 air cells, and it’s quite refreshing, plus there’s lumbar heat to ease any back pain. The foot roller and auto leg scan are a great way to ensure you get the perfect leg massage, especially since the ottoman is made to fit your height.

This model features Bluetooth-compatible speakers, which I always appreciate, chromotherapy to relax you with soft blue lights, and zero gravity to give your back a deeper massage considering it’s fully pressing on the rollers. You also can’t neglect the seat vibration – I like it, but if it’s too much for you, you can always turn it off.


  • Customizable massage experience
  • Hybrid track
  • Plenty of options
  • Leg scan
  • Bluetooth compatible speakers
  • Chromotherapy massage therapy
  • Touchscreen controller


  • Seat vibration might feel too intense
  • No calf heat (no heating options)


Summary: The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is easy to use and has plenty of options, though it lacks features available in more expensive masssage chairs.

Osaki OS-4000T Recliner

OS 4000T zero gravity massage chair


With its ergonomic S-track, the Osaki 4000T executive zero gravity massage chair contours the natural curvature of your spine, though this is the industry standard and can feel a bit short – the rollers don’t reach your hamstrings.

However, a plus for products in this price range is the two-stage zero gravity, which allows the chair to place you in a neutral position, reducing spinal pressure. The first position places your legs and heart at the same level, while the second elevates your legs to increase the blood circulation and disperse any blood clots.

Osaki OS-4000 Colors

The body scan technology allows this chair to adjust the rollers in order to hit your sore spots.

The air massage technology I liked, especially since it’s less noisy than other recliners, not to mention power-saving.

But the cherry on the cake is the full-arm air massage, which you really have to try for yourself.

The auto leg scan and length adjustment are another best feature. Not only does it allow your legs to fit snuggly in the ottoman, but it also aligns them correctly to increase massage efficiency.

OSaki OS4000T Remote ControlOsaki OS-4000T  zero gravity features lower back heat massage therapy and seat vibration, 8 built-in programs, and 6 manual techniques, each with 5 levels of speed and intensity, you can say that this is a pretty basic recliner.

However, you can customize your massage fairly easily, combining the type of massages, areas, duration, intensity, and speed.

The best product feature? The two rows of reflexology rollers are an acupressure wonder. Pro tip: combine them with the calf air massage for the complete massage experience!


  • Two zero-gravity positions
  • Not noisy
  • Leg scan
  • Customizable
  • Easy & simple to use remote control panel
  • Reflexology foot rollers


  • Standard S-track
  • Basic techniques
  • No chromotherapy massage session


Summary: The Osaki 4000T offers quality foot massages, plus other therapeutic functions.

Ogawa Refresh Plus

Ogawa Refresh


The Ogawa Refresh Plus model is a quality chair product that delivers a great air massage courtesy of 42 Second Generation airbags. It looks good, but you can see the leg ports and the LED lights, so it pretty much stands out.

Besides, it’s a big & heavy massage chair and it doesn’t have a space-saving design, so you need to place it 10 inches away from a wall.

That said, the quad rollers feel quite life-like, and the two stages of zero gravity allow you to take the pressure off your spine, while also increasing the intensity in the lumbar area. However, this model featured an S-track so, although ergonomic and suited to your spine curvature; it can’t reach your thighs.

On the other hand, the vibrating seat feature tries to compensate for this disadvantage.

Another minus though is the absence of the 3D roller design which increases the pressure. This isn’t so bad for general use purposes, but it might not suit people looking for a therapeutic massage chair. Still, the Ogawa Refresh Plus has good body scan technology and plenty of options. There are 6 auto-programs and manual techniques such as Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling, and Clapping, plus the advanced Shiatsu and Swedish.

I liked that I could adjust the intensity and speed too, and I particularly enjoyed the spot and zone massage which allowed me to focus on certain sore spots. There’s lumbar heat too, always a plus, but no calf heating option and no way to control the heating temperature. The body stretch function is pretty ok, but not really therapeutic like a Thai stretch or another sort of a firm stretch. Besides, the Android tablet that comes instead of the usual remote has a learning curve because it doesn’t have an intuitive interface.


  • Great air massage
  • Chromotherapy
  • Two stages of zero gravity
  • Adjustable speed and intensity
  • Spot and zone massage


  • S-track
  • No 3D rollers
  • No calf heat
  • A learning curve for the tablet


Summary: Feature-packed, the Ogawa Refresh Plus is better suited for hobbyist users instead of therapeutic purposes.

Infinity Presidential

Infinity Presidential


A 3D L-track chair product with all the features you can expect from the world’s best luxurious massage chair, including foot rollers, executive zero gravity, space-saving design, Bluetooth, Apple/Droid apps, and postural correction. But let’s take them one at a time. The Hybrid L/S track is 49 inches long, so the rollers can easily get from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.

Besides, the rollers feel quite life-like and, if that’s not enough, the 3D body scanning is just what you need to make sure the chair focuses on your pressure points. If the computer’s wrong, you can easily adjust the roller position yourself, with the remote! The Infinity Presidential features zero-gravity seating too, so your knees are lifted up, and the rollers give a truly penetrating massage.

Presidential Zero GravityI also loved the wide array of manual massage types offered, from the basic Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Combo to the more advanced Shiatsu.

But the Music Sync option was heaven: I could actually sync the massage rhythm to the beat of my favorite tracks. Hint: try Ode to Joy if you want to feel fresh as a cucumber!

I also like the speed intensity adjustment and the air mode with more than 40 air cells included to massage your head, neck, shoulder area, arms, butt, feet, and legs. The lumbar heat and waist twist are great features too, this robotic massage chair is Bluetooth-compatible and comes with an extendable recliner and ottoman.

With so many outstanding features, why is this chair ranked third in my review? Well, it doesn’t have any memory setting, plus the Luraco has a more penetrating, deep-tissue therapeutic massage, while the XT2 offers a more immersive experience. Bronze medal for the Presidential!


  • Hybrid track
  • User-friendly
  • High-tech
  • Music Sync
  • Airbag
  • Full-Featured Full body Shiatsu massage chair


  • No memory settings
  • No calf heat


Summary: The Infinity Presidential is a luxurious model for great soothing massages.

Osaki Pro Maestro

Osaki Pro Maestro


The Osaki Pro Maestro has some unique features, starting with the 4D massage it offers.

Very much like what a chiropractor would do, the rollers move in 3 different directions, but they also come out a few inches from their position to give you a deeper massage.

There’s zero-gravity too, but it’s pretty standard when compared to other robotic massage chairs.


The L-track massage can get up to your hamstrings, which is another great thing.

So here’s the cherry on the cake: the heated back roller! It’s different than lumbar heat, you get a warm massage anytime you use this chair.

However, the roller is just warm and I also would’ve liked to see some back and calf heat.

Still, the massage of the foot is pleasant the same as the calf Kneading technique.

Speaking of techniques, there are 4 massage styles, but just the basic ones (Kneading, Tapping, Rolling) plus Shiatsu, along with 8 automatic programs. I would have liked to see more options here too, though.

But with a backrest scanning, space-saving design, Bluetooth connection, and easy-to-use remote, this chair is definitely among the top on the market!


  • 4D
  • Heated back roller
  • Space-saving
  • Comfortable
  • Penetrating massage


  • Basic techniques
  • No real heat therapy
  • One zero-G level


Summary: The Osaki Pro Maestro can provide a warm, soothing massage, though it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.


The Best Rated Massage Chairs for Petite Users

I’ve reviewed some great massage chairs up until now. But what if you’re a petite user? Are all of these accommodating? What would be more suitable?

  • Luraco i7 Plus can fit users that are as short as 4’7”, plus it has a good auto body scan function.
  • Inada DreamWave from Inada is another great chair for petite users, even teenagers over 14 who can enjoy the Youth Program.
  • The Panasonic EP30007 is an affordable Panasonic massage chair and can accommodate people of at least 4’6”, but not taller than 6’.
  • Infinity IT-8500 is another affordable chair that’s great for people of at least 4’11”.

The Top Massage Chair Models If You are Heavy and Tall

But what if you’re heavier and taller? Some chairs seem great at first glance until you read you have to be under 6’ to use them. Not with the:

  • Human Touch Novo XT, which can accommodate users up to 300 pounds and 6’9”.
  • The Luraco i7 product can fit people up to 300 pounds and 6’7”.
  • The Inada Sogno DreamWave Chair Recliner has a maximum limit of 295 pounds and 6’5”.
  • The Infinity Iyashi product fits users up to 285 pounds and 6’6”.
  • The Infinity IT-9800 can go as high as 350 pounds and 6’7”.

Tips & Most Important Features to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

Did  you know that average cost of massage in USA is about $60 per hour!!! It can get pricey!

The world of massage chairs is filled with specs and tech language, which might be quite difficult to navigate through.

But I hope this short buying guide below will help you with that.

Zero Gravity

Zero-gravity is inspired by NASA, and it’s a fairly popular feature, especially if the product offers a long-track design and 3D rollers.

Zero-GravityWhat it does is place you in the comfiest massage position where your legs are at the same level as your heart or higher, so the whole body weight is pressing on the rollers. This increases the intensity and has many therapeutic purposes, like alleviating chronic lower back pain. Some zero gravity massage chairs have one zero-G level, but the most performing ones keep lifting your legs in various positions.

The downside is that the higher you lift your legs, the more intense the massage will feel, so it’s not for every novice user.

SL Track

The SL track design combines the benefits of the two types of design tracks.

SL TrackThe S-track is short, it can only reach your lower back, but it’s anatomically correct and therefore extremely comfortable and therapeutic. The L-track is longer, making an L shape on your body. The rollers can reach all the way down to your upper thigh, massaging your buttocks too.

The hybrid SL track is therefore ergonomic as well as long, allowing for a more comprehensive massage.


Air compression massage is done via airbags or air cells which are supposed to mimic the tight grip of professional massage therapists that squeeze your muscles, release them for a bit and repeat the process.

Airbags in Chairs

This is supposed to relieve tension and promote relaxation. Airbags are a safe way to rip the benefits of a compression massage, focusing on different body parts, including your arms, legs, back, and even the head area. The airhead massage is particularly interesting, with many benefits such as reduced anxiety, stress, better sleep, and brain oxygenation, which in turn promotes good circulation.

But how many airbags should your massage chair have? More means a tighter grip and better compression massage, but higher power consumption and more noise. So some chair brands decided to reduce the airbag number, but keep the same volume to solve these issues.

Space Saving Technology

Some recliners have a small footprint, but that’s not the same as having a space-saving design.

Space-SavingInstead, space-saving technology allows the chair to fully recline or extend without needing to be placed very far away from the wall. Typically, it is built with space-saving technology and needs to be about 3 to 4 inches away from the wall.

A chair without this technology needs to be placed 30+ inches away from the wall. It all depends on how much space you have in your home.

Body Scan Technology

It allows the chair to find any sore spots on your body and focus on them first. Some even allow you to stop and massage these tight areas for as long as you like.

Body ScanningBut since computers aren’t always right, some recliners allow you to adjust the roller position manually. This means you can use the remote and tell the massage chair where you want to be massaged and for how long.

Leg scanning technology is another thing to consider. This tells the massage chair how tall you really are, by placing your feet on the ottoman and only allowing it to extend according to your height.

Apart from feeling more snug and comfortable, this improves the massage efficiency because you’re seating correctly in the chair, with your feet and legs aligned properly.


Warranty is always important. While most massage chairs offer you a few years, the standard warranty for more expensive massage chairs can cover up to 10 years. WarrantySome brands also allow you to buy an extended warranty that covers more benefits.

It’s also good to check out the various stipulations of your warranty. Some warranties cover in-house repairs, while others don’t. Some warranties are longer for the frame, but cover the parts for less time. It’s also wise to check who will pay the shipping costs if you need to send it to be fixed at another location.


Noise From Chair

Some of them are plain noisy, but that might not bother you if you have Metallica blasting through your headphones. This happens for various reasons, such as airbags, vibration, or other features that make your chair shake and rattle. Still, it’s wise to assume that no massage chair is completely silent but rather less noisy than others.

Music System

You might want a chair that offers a music system or at least Bluetooth or Mp3 compatibility. BluetoothThis allows you to relax and play your favorite tunes, while also directing the noise better than regular speakers.

It’s also wise to have a built-in music system or at least a USB port to connect your phone if your chair has a Music Sync feature, where it syncs the massage pace to the music. However, this might not be a make-or-break feature, especially if you’re looking for an affordable massage chair recliner.


Heat therapy allows sore, tense muscles to relax, which in turn promotes pain relief and improves blood circulation (blood flow).

HeatHeat therapy is important for people who are looking to buy an electric shiatsu massage chair for medicinal purposes. Some models feature lumbar heat, which focuses on your lower back, while others also provide calf heat to improve calf massage and reduce edemas.

But we’ve seen above massage chairs that feature shoulder heat pads, which are great for people who are working a lot on their computers. Other units don’t have heat therapy per se, but they do use warm rollers, which makes a more life-like relaxing experience.

Body Stretching

While body stretching is difficult to achieve with an L-track, this might only matter to you if you’re looking for a therapeutic body stretch.

Body StretchingIn this case, look for massage chairs that offer firm body stretches, like the Thai massage technique. Otherwise, you might just want a regular, relaxing body stretch, to help you unwind after a hard day’s work, but with few therapeutic benefits.

Airbag Massage Intensity Adjustment

This is important because compression massage might feel too powerful for some people.

Air Bag System

If you don’t particularly enjoy being squeezed or having your midsection swiveled with airbags, make sure you can adjust the airbag massage intensity, or at least the speed.

Foot Rollers

It offers a deeper massage, but not all massage chairs have these.


They’re used for scraping and massaging your sole, offering a more vigorous massage, which has therapeutic benefits. Apart from easing arthritis pain, foot roller can also help with spinal correction.

Memory Settings

If there are more people in your house (home) using the massage chair, memory settings allow each of you to personalize the massages you prefer. Even if it’s just you, you might want to make different massage settings according to your lifestyle, for when you’re waking up or coming back from work. This avoids spending time tweaking the shiatsu, but it’s not a basic feature so it might cost more.

Remote Control

I like easy to use, intuitive remote controls, whether the remote is a classic, touch screen, via an app, etc.

Remote Control

However, if your massage chair has a lot of remote controller options, a learning curve might be expected. In this case, make sure you read the user manual and don’t get discouraged from the start.

Where  Chair Are Made

Most recliners are made in China and some in Japan because the parts and craftsmanship are more affordable there. Made In USAHowever, that doesn’t mean they’re of bad quality because brands need to pass some well-established quality-control tests – take the Infinity massage chairs for example, which are renowned as top quality but made in China.

Besides, the warranty shows how reliable a massage chair is and how long it’s going to last. But if you want a massage chair that’s designed and manufactured in the US, you can choose the Luraco i7 Plus. Do you know that nearly 10% of all homeowners in Japan own a shiatsu massage chair (link)

Health Monitoring System

Luraco i7 Plus is a medical massage chair that uses patented integrated health monitoring features that allow you to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. MonitorThis should tell you if the massage intensity is good or if the massage is relaxing you at all.

It’s great to have such a system, especially for people suffering from high blood tension (pressure) who use high-impact features like Inversion Massage Therapy, which places you upside down. Other recliners offer a diagnostic app to help you choose the perfect program for a specific medical condition, to make sure you’re ripping all the therapeutic benefits.

How Easy It Is to Set Up and Assemble

Some recliners offer curbside delivery, so you want to make sure you have someone helping you carry the chair inside and assemble it.

Zero-Gravity Position

These brands also offer white glove delivery for an extra fee. The chances are that more expensive massage chair have free white glove delivery, though, so someone can help you set the massage chair up and assemble it.

About Osaki Massage Chair Models

Their products are also commonly used to facilitate various therapies, such as guided imagery, sensory integration training, and meditation for stress reduction. Though the need for massage chairs may be less than in traditional healthcare settings, their importance is less obvious, and they are underutilized by healthcare professionals. In order to better attract health-seeking patients, and to promote better outcomes, healthcare providers may wish to consider incorporating recliners into their practice. This will be particularly beneficial to patients suffering from chronic pain or other somatic or health-related conditions. The use of a chair for a somatic condition may be less invasive and efficient than placing a patient in a conventional hospital bed, thus facilitating patients in receiving treatments more effectively and efficiently.

Some healthcare providers have developed ergonomically designed recliners for use by healthcare professionals in their offices. The chairs are equipped with mechanical features to improve the user’s posture and decrease the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorders. The chairs are also equipped with light therapy functions for use during daytime hours, and motion-sensor heating functions. Though it is possible to use recliners to provide general therapeutic purposes, it is the appropriate massage device that helps to maximize the benefits that the device may provide. To help assist in this task, healthcare professionals need to understand the unique characteristics and treatment needs of a specific patient. Additionally, healthcare professionals must take the necessary steps in order to obtain proper certification in order to prescribe and administer the proper device for a particular individual.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Massage Chair?

It may not be the most thrilling piece of furniture in your home, but without a massage chair, the best way to improve the health of your back will be via ice packs and heating pads. And the best way to get your back to feel good again is a good massage. They are not just for the back, they can also be great for other parts of your body. No matter what part of the body you wish to get massaged, you can easily find one on your own or in a massage shop. With the right selection of massagers, you will get an even better massage than you did with a hackamore.

Normally, the expensive features of a massage chair do not make them the best choice for someone looking for a great deal. However, if you are looking for a good deal, a good model could be the answer. It is also more affordable than many luxury models. Since most massaging chairs come at relatively cheap prices, you can get a relatively great deal with one of them. Therapedic has a reputation for producing durable and quality massage chairs.

Do Massage Chairs Actually Do Anything?

Of course, it’s not a fix for your health problems (nothing that is or even maybe, to be clear), but it will feel great. It feels great just to sit in, so that’s not entirely fair. But you’ve got a dead back, bad sciatica, or simply bad posture, and a massage chair that stimulates some of those same places will alleviate a lot of your stress. The seat itself is raised, and the massage jets will warm the muscles and make your muscles feel looser, although it won’t work miracles. And that’s OK. It’s not a quick fix.

It’s a low-risk, low-cost, low-maintenance way to have a pain-relieving day. Which is no small thing. Your backache is never going to go away overnight. But why sit around and whine about it? There’s nothing wrong with a little treatment. Liz Vaccariello is the staff writer at Backpacker. This was first published on the Backpacker podcast.

Do Doctors Recommend Massage Chairs?

Answer: Physicians certainly will recommend them. The main purpose of massage chairs is to increase blood flow to the muscles that they treat, which is particularly beneficial for back patients. For patients who require more work and discomfort than a standard therapeutic massage chair is able to provide, most people elect to have a seat specially designed for the specific type of therapy that the patient will be receiving.

The more a patient moves, the more the needles have to be applied. Sometimes, a patient will only have a few minutes or a few hours’ worths of movements, and they require the best therapy chair that the maker can provide to maximize the therapeutic benefits. The massage chair should provide a wider range of motion than most massage chairs, depending on the motion of the arms, legs, and back of the patient. One should be able to move the arms, legs, and upper back of the patient.

Is a Chair Massage Good for You?

The initial intention was to get more relaxed and benefit from reduced muscle tension, which leads to more immediate muscular relaxation. This stress on muscles, however, can have an unintended side effect, namely acute muscle cramping,” explains Dr. Mike Lipman, co-founder of The Chair Massage Center in New York City. “When the muscle is not sufficiently relaxed, it gives rise to nerve-related cramping, often triggered by the contracted muscle fibers rubbing together.

Muscle cramping can be dangerous, especially for someone that is dehydrated, cold, hungry, tired, or otherwise unprepared. The general rule of thumb is to not massage a muscle that is sore because it puts additional tension on the muscle,” says Dr. Mike. “If you need to stretch your muscles to take pressure off an injury, then massage the muscles first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know all about shiatsu chair specs, let’s clarify some frequently asked questions:

What is the Difference Between the S-track and L-track?

The S-track follows your natural spine curvature, but it’s shorter, stopping at your lower back area.

The L-track is also ergonomic, but it’s longer, reaching all the way to your hamstrings.

3D Massage Rollers or 4D Rollers?

3D move in three directions: up-down, left-right, and in-out (they can extend from the track). 4D are just a marketing trick, meaning they have an additional speed setting.

Which Brand of Massage Chair is the Best?

Many reputable brands manufacture and sell quality massage chair products, with good warranties, responsive customer support, and good customer reviews (check Fakespot for that), such as Luraco, Osaki/ Titan, Infinity, and Human Touch. Be aware that with massage chair market constantly expanding, more brands entering the market almost every month. So, far it wasn’t that hard to navigate through the brands, but it is getting harder with each year.

Are Massage Chairs Good For Your Health?

Yes. They have plenty of relaxing massage programs and features, while others like the Luraco i7 Plus are medicinal, approved by chiropractors and doctors.

Some top-rated brands like Medical Breakthrough massage chairs enlist the help of medical professionals when designing recliners.

Can You Overuse t?

Yes, you can. Some have clear specifications for features such as heat.

Generally, it’s a good idea to use it just once or twice per day and to consult your GP first, especially if you have a medical condition.

How Long Does a Massage Chair Last?

Depending on how often you use it, how many people are using it, and how well you’re keeping it, the warranty should give you a pretty good idea about that. Most home massage chairs last for 5-10 years.

How Often is Too Often to Get a Massage?

Stick to 1-2 massage sessions per day, and you’ll be fine.

Are Massage Chairs Supposed to Hurt?

They are not supposed to be painful. While some techniques like Deep Kneading might make you feel sore, you’re never supposed to feel a sharp pain, which is why you need to consult your GP before using a certain electric full body shiatsu massage chair.

Can I Use an Electric Massage Chair While Pregnant? / Is a Back Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

They are safe during pregnancy, within reasonable limits. Firstly, you need to have your doctor’s approval, especially if you have an at-risk pregnancy or hypertension. Secondly, it’s best to avoid Inversion Therapy or very strong massages that include powerful vibrations, especially if you’re in the third trimester.

Are Massage Chairs Good for Lower Back Pain?

Short answer: yes. Especially if you have one with a swivel function, lumbar heat, and zero gravity.

Is there any model you are not included in this review?

The short answer is. I decided to skip on some models due to their questionable origin, reliability problems, user negative feedback/ Also customer service is also a big consideration. A few of those models are: BestMassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot (Bestmassage ec06s), Human Touch ijoy2580, ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Shiatsu Positioning Deep Tissue, various massage cushion models, Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair (Real Relax massage chair), portable massage chair models for therapists, off-brand zero gravity shiatsu massage chairs, Brookstone Massage Chair brand, Relaxonchair MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Can I Get a Massage 2 Days in a Row?

Sure. If you’re not feeling extremely sore and if it relaxes you, there’s nothing inherently dangerous about massages.

How Often Should I Get Deep Tissue Massage?

This depends on your level of stress and activity.

If you’re not stressed and don’t have particularly sore muscles, deep massages are beneficial every two weeks to decrease hypertension and relax you. If you have sore muscles or are stressed, you can get one every week. If you’re an athlete, consider scheduling two deep-tissue massages every week.

How Much Should You Spend on a Massage Chair?

The amount you should spend on a massage chair depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Massage chairs come in a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly options to high-end models, and the ideal spending amount can vary accordingly. Here are some factors to consider when determining how much to spend on a massage chair:

  1. Budget: Your budget is the most significant determinant. Massage chairs can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It’s essential to establish a budget that aligns with your financial situation while keeping in mind that higher-quality chairs with advanced features tend to be more expensive.
  2. Massage Intensity and Features: Consider the level of customization and features you desire. If you have specific massage preferences or require therapeutic benefits such as deep tissue massage or heat therapy, you may need to invest more in a chair with these advanced features.
  3. Frequency of Use: If you plan to use the massage chair frequently, it may be worth spending more on a durable, high-quality model that can withstand daily use. If you intend to use it occasionally, a budget-friendly option might suffice.
  4. Long-Term Investment: Think of the massage chair as a long-term investment in your well-being. Higher-priced chairs often come with better warranties, build quality, and durability, which can pay off in terms of longevity and satisfaction over time.
  5. Brand Reputation: Reputable brands with a history of producing reliable massage chairs often command higher prices. Investing in a well-known brand can provide confidence in the chair’s quality and after-sales support.
  6. Research and Testing: Take the time to research and test different models. Try out various chairs in different price ranges to determine which one best meets your needs and provides the desired level of comfort and massage quality.

In general, a reasonable starting point for a quality massage chair with essential features and decent durability is in the range of $1,000 to $2,500. However, if you have specific therapeutic requirements or prefer more advanced features, you may need to allocate a higher budget, potentially exceeding $5,000 for a top-tier model.

Ultimately, the amount you should spend on a massage chair is a personal decision that should balance your budget with your desired features and the expected frequency of use. Careful consideration of these factors will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Feedback for High-End Massage Chairs

High-end massage chairs offer a sophisticated blend of technology, comfort, and therapeutic benefits, setting them apart as premium options for relaxation and wellness. Through meticulous engineering and design, these chairs deliver an unparalleled massage experience that rivals professional masseuses in both efficacy and convenience.

One key aspect that distinguishes high-end massage chairs is their advanced massage techniques. Utilizing a combination of kneading, tapping, rolling, and shiatsu movements, these chairs mimic the hands of a skilled massage therapist with remarkable precision. By incorporating various massage techniques, these chairs can target specific muscle groups, alleviate tension, and promote relaxation throughout the body.

Moreover, high-end massage chairs often feature customizable settings, allowing users to tailor their massage experience to their preferences and needs. Adjustable intensity levels, massage styles, and targeted zones enable users to personalize their sessions for optimal comfort and therapeutic benefits. This level of customization ensures that individuals of all ages and body types can enjoy a tailored massage experience that addresses their unique concerns.

Furthermore, high-end massage chairs integrate advanced technologies to enhance their performance and efficacy. From innovative massage mechanisms to intelligent sensors, these chairs utilize cutting-edge features to optimize the massage experience. For example, some chairs employ body scanning technology to detect the user's body shape and size, ensuring that the massage rollers target the appropriate areas with precision and accuracy.

Another noteworthy aspect of high-end massage chairs is their focus on ergonomics and comfort. These chairs are meticulously designed to provide optimal support and relaxation for the user. Features such as adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and ergonomic seating ensure proper posture and alignment during the massage session. Additionally, high-quality materials and plush padding contribute to a luxurious and indulgent experience, making each massage session a true retreat for the body and mind.

In terms of health benefits, high-end massage chairs offer a myriad of advantages for overall well-being. Regular use of these chairs can help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress levels, and improve circulation. The therapeutic effects of massage can also promote faster recovery from physical exertion or injury, making these chairs ideal for athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. Moreover, the relaxation induced by massage can have positive effects on mental health, helping to reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall mood and well-being.

In conclusion, high-end massage chairs represent the pinnacle of relaxation and wellness technology, offering a luxurious and therapeutic experience that transcends traditional massage methods. With advanced features, customizable settings, and ergonomic design, these chairs provide a holistic approach to relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether used for stress relief, muscle recovery, or simply indulgent self-care, high-end massage chairs deliver unparalleled comfort and benefits for users seeking the ultimate massage experience.

Final Words on Best Massage Chairs

What’s the best massage chair? I vote for the Luraco i7 Plus, with its stylish, feature-packed design and minimal disadvantages. But what will you get after reading my massage chair reviews? Decide for yourself!

I’ve reviewed plenty of massage chairs, for different budgets and purposes. Let me know which one of the best massage chairs you are gonna get for your home or office for a perfect and effective massage session!

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