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Titan Massage Chair Models 2024: [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Do you know how many Titan massage chairs models are currently selling?

Just a bit shy of 70, but plenty of older models is still available.

I will try to make your life easier by helping you navigate through the best massage chair models from Titan / Osaki brand in 2021.

I spent some time talking to experts online and personally visiting showrooms in California.

I’ll list 18 Titan massage chairs in this article, but, since there’s no such thing as a perfect brand, I will offer some great alternatives from the other reliable brands such as Kahuna, Luraco, etc.

About Titan Brand / Company

Titan LogoTitan LLC (Osaki/Titan) is among the leading massage chair distributors, differentiating itself from the competition by the fact that it delivers affordable and high-quality products.

The Titan Quality shines over the Osaki massage chairs brand too because now they’re the same.

Osaki comes with the advantage of low prices considering the chairs are manufactured in Chine, while Titan comes with the advantages of experience in massage chairs and top quality craftsmanship.

Keep in mind that there are only a few other reliable brands in the current market worth considering such as: Infinity (link), Human Touch (link), and Brookstone (link).

Titan Massage Chair Review Under 2000$

Without further ado, here’s our top choice:

1. Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

Titan Alpha Pro


Alpha sports a new arm design, space-saving technology, and Bluetooth speaker connection.

The L-track massage chair design (ltrack roller design) helps to massage your glutes, and the 2 stages zero gravity positions are the best to take the pressure off your spine.

There aren’t as many massage techniques, just Kneading, Tapping, and a combination of these, plus the more advanced Shiatsu technique.

On the other hand, the memory function allows the chair to remember your customized options.

Alpha HeatingWe like the computer body scanning system, as well as the dual-action foot rollers which feel very life-like.

There are 6 built-in massage programs, including Express, Wholesome, Oriental, Swedish, and Classic as well as the therapeutic Chiro.

This is a comfortable chair, and we love how supportive it is thanks to the back pillow, which also reduces the massage intensity that’s quite vigorous for L-track chairs.

The adjustable shoulders are another advantage because they can fit people of different statures.

Other great functions include the lumbar, heated back pad, easy-to-reach side control panel, LCD monitor, and 28 airbags.

Even though other models sport more airbags, the Titan decreased the number of airbags but increased their volume to cover your whole body and even out the pressure.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Memory function
  • Therapeutic
  • Back pillow
  • Great neck massage


  • Not a lot of manual massage techniques


Summary: A highly therapeutic chair at an affordable price, Titan Alpha could benefit from more included massage techniques.

Best Alternative to Buy – Kahuna LM 6800

The first difference is that Kahuna 6800 sports the hybrid L/S track design, which combines the comprehensive glute and thigh massage courtesy of the L-track with the ergonomic shape offered by the S-track.

Kahuna LM6800 massage chair - body massager


Kahuna also boasts three zero-G positions and 36 airbags for the air-massage mode, which you can set at three intensity levels. In terms of massage options, the Kahuna 6800 offers the same massage techniques as the Titan Alpha, plus Rolling.

The zone massage option for a fixed spot, the extendable ottoman, plus the body massager stretch is additional benefits.

Otherwise, both chairs have a space-saving design, 3D body scanning, calf and foot massage, and an easy-to-use remote.

The advantages of Alpha over Kahuna 6800 are its Bluetooth and its memory function, which make the user experience better.


  • More zero-G positions
  • Hybrid track design
  • Zone massage
  • Back and calf heat
  • Body stretch for inner balance wellness


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • No memory function


Summary: A truly great therapeutic chair with plenty of options, the Kahuna 6800 could only be improved by an added music system.

2. Titan Lucas Massage Chair



Titan Lucas sees a price increase when compared to Titan Pro-Alpha, which explains some additional functions, like the extendable footrest or the convenient remote pocket.

Titan Lucas boasts a customizable calf massage, where you can adjust the chair to get a calf-only massage, and 7 built-in massage preset programs that include Quick, Relief, Stretch, Full-Body, Sleep, Yoga, and Full-Air.

Otherwise, both chairs include a computer bodyscan massage system, L-track rollers,zero-gravity, and a Bluetooth connection for a speaker.

The Titan Alpha also has the much-needed memory function.


3. Titan TI-7700



At a reduced price when compared to Titan Alpha, TI-7700 has a few similar functions, like the zero-G position, the lower lumbar heating, foot, and calf massage

On the other hand, the TI-7700 offers a hip and seat vibration, outer shoulder, and arm massage.

There are two extra massage techniques for this chair, Palm and Punching.

But there are just 5 pre-set programs for the TI-7700, no music, and no memory function.


4. TI-Inversion Cloud Comfort

Inversion Cloud Comfort


Cloud Comfort sports two models: with or without a seatbelt.

This is an inversion comfort chair that’s therapeutic, reducing blood pressure and spinal pain, which helps with recovery after surgery.

Another difference when compared to the Titan Alpha is the auto-recline, considering that this is a full reclined chair, its 3 intensities and 4 positions for the vibration massage.

Both chairs sport a zero-G position, but the Pro-Alpha has more techniques, massage options, massage mode plus memory function.

On the other hand, TI Cloud Comfort has incorporated speakers, not just a Bluetooth connection.


5. TI-Comfort 7 Massage Chair

TI-Comfort 7


The TI Comfort 7 has an S-track design, which gets to the sacral bone, but doesn’t offer a glute and thigh massage.

However, it’s more affordable (cheaper chair) than the Titan Alpha TI; sports a power recline on both the footrest and back and seat vibration massage.

Otherwise, the Pro Alpha comes with the advantage of a better computer bodyscan, a bigger remote, two more pre-set programs plus a better air-massage thanks to more airbags.

The Comfort 7 has two additional manual massage modes: Swedish and Rolling, plus a Zone massage.

6. TP-Pro 8300

TP-Pro 8300


Just like the Titan Alpha, the TP-Pro 8300 sports zero gravity, full-body massage, foot rollers, and heating therapy.

However, this model includes a deep tissue massage that’s more vigorous and has no shoulder restrictions whatsoever.

Besides, the stretching program is another benefit, but there is no built-in music system and no memory function for the TP-Pro 8300.


7. RT-M01 VENDING (not for house use)

RT-M01 Vending


This is a massage chair for public use, to it’s coin-operated, easy to program, sports control dollars and minute, but you have to pay extra for white glove delivery.

It’s easy to program, just like the Pro-Alpha, but it has a more durable synthetic leather cover.

Besides, with a steel frame and plastic-covered armrests, the chair is sturdy and low-maintenance.

The symmetric six-wheel massage roller and auto-recline are the top advantages of the RT-M01 over the Titan Alpha.

However, this chair has an S-track design, so no glute and thigh massage doesn’t have a Shiatsu massage or no music system.


8. RT-M02 VENDING (not for home use)RT-M02


Just like the RT-M01 VENDING, the RT-M02 model sports a symmetric six-wheel massage roller, S-track design, auto-recline, synthetic leather, and low-maintenance design.

However, much like the Titan Alpha, it offers people Shiatsu and air massage.

However, there’s no music option, no glute and thigh massage, no lumbar heating, and no zero-G.


Best Titan Massage Chairs Over 3000$

Have a bigger budget? Here’s our top choice for the over $3000 price range:

TI-PRO Summit Massage Chair

Titan Summit TI-Pro


The Titan TI-PRO comes with some amazing features, like the S-L massage track that’s anatomical and offers a complete massage experience all the way to your hamstrings.

This chair functions a body-scan massage, but you can adjust the starting point if you’re not happy with what the computer selected for you.

The dual foot roller massage harnesses the power of reflexology and acupuncture, which means you’re getting a deeper massage.

There are 6 manual massage modes: Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Combo, Shiatsu, and Punching.

We love the air massage, with adjustable 5-level intensity, especially when it comes to the waist airbag squeeze that twists your waist.

But this chair also has shoulder heating, upper arm, shoulder and hand massage, seat vibration, lumbar heating, plus a foot and calf airbag massage.

Other than that, the remote is easy to use; there’s a USB charging station, the TI-Pro Summit has a space-saving design, plus a free 10-year warranty.

That said, the only disadvantages are that the PRO Summit doesn’t have a built-in music system or a memory function, but these don’t affect the overall functionality of the chair.


  • Hybrid massage track
  • Adjustable body-scan
  • Great air massage
  • Shoulder heating
  • User-friendly


  • No music
  • No memory function


Summary: The TI Pro Summit offers a comprehensive massage for inner balance, but shoulder heating is its top feature.

Best Alternative to Buy – Luraco i7 Plus

There are some areas where the Luraco i7 Plus can be considered a better chair, especially considering that’s a therapeutic massage chair, listed with the FDA, CE, and UL.

Luraco i7 PLUS


For instance, it has a better 3D bodyscan, 80 airbags for the air massage mode, 9 built-in programs

Both the i7 and the Summit offer zero-gravity seating for positive posture, and dual foot rollers.

The i7 comes with some design extras, like the extendable ottoman, music support, and a memory function.

It can even monitor your blood pressure!

In terms of massage techniques, the i7 offers the additional Swedish, but this is comparable to the Summit’s Punching.

Although the i7 doesn’t offer shoulder heat, it boasts foot and calf heating, and it can air massage your upper body.

However, the i7 comes with a 5-year warranty instead of 10.


Titan PRO Jupiter XL Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Titan PRO Jupiter Massage Chair


Compare the PRO Jupiter with the Summit and what do you get?

This chair has an L-track instead of a hybrid track, but it can accommodate bigger-sized people, not just petite users, massage chair features 2 zero-G positions, Bluetooth connectivity, and head air massage.

Both chairs feature dual roller design, computer body scan, and lumbar heat, but then it lacks shoulder heating.



Titan Pro Executive


This is the chair to buy for its top foot massager, but also because it features lumbar and knee heat.

With Bluetooth music player and 3D massage rollers, 61 airbags, and 3 memory slots, it can be considered an improvement as to the Summit.

However, the Summit offers the best shoulder massage ever!


Titan Chairs with Price Range Between $2000 and $3000

TI-Alpine Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

Titan Pro Alpine


With an L-track design that offers a complete massage from neck to hamstrings, 2 zero-G positions, lower lumbar heating technology, auto recline, leg extension, and complete body scan, this chair can offer a truly personalized massage.

The Alpine offers massage of the shoulder, dual-action foot rollers, air feet massage, auto leg scan, plus an airbag massage for your whole body, including a hip squeeze and twist.

This chair is perfect for larger and taller people, it boasts 6 massage techniques that include Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Punching, and Combo, plus you can adjust the massage intensity.

However, there’s just a 1-year warranty for in-home service and 2 years for the parts, though you can get an extended warranty.


  • 2 zero-G positions
  • Air feet massage
  • Auto leg scan
  • Hip squeeze
  • Adjustable intensities
  • Outer shoulder massage


  • No special functions
  • Warranty could be better


Summary: Although it has no extraordinary functions, the Alpine offers therapeutic advantages such as 2 zero-G positions and hip squeeze.

TI 8700D

Titan 8700D


Just like the Alpine, the TI 8700D has 2 stages zero-G, dual foot rollers, lower lumbar heating and offers a shoulder massaging with basically the same massage techniques.

However, it boasts hip and seat vibration, but the air massage is not as good as that of the Alpine.


Regal 2

Titan Regal 2


Just like the Alpine, Regal 2 offers an L-track, back heat, and shoulder massaging.

However, it boasts a deep tissue massage, built-in speakers, and an adjustable footrest.

The disadvantage is that it only has one zero-G position, no hip squeeze, and no foot air massage.



Titan 7800


This model features just one zero-G, but it has all the other characteristics of the Alpine, including arm massage, foot rollers, intelligent leg massage, and 6 massage techniques.

The extras are the great head air massage and Thai Stretch.


TP- Pro 8400 L-Track

Pro Series - TP- Pro 8400


When compared to the Alpine, the 8400 has some similar features, like 2-stage space-saving zero-G, L-track, auto-recline, and dual foot rollers.

However, this model has ankle knobs for a better foot massage but offers no outer shoulder massage or hip twist.


TP-Carina Massage Chair



The top two advantages compared to Alpine are chromotherapy and 3 built-in memory programs.

Otherwise, the Alpine offers a better massage, with more intensity levels, lumbar heat, hip squeeze, and a more comprehensive foot massage.





This user-friendly chair functions a built-in MP3 player, 11 motors for a powerful massage, 6 rollers, neck massage, and intensity-adjustable massage.

However, it has an S-track that, although extended, can only reach your tailbone.

Still, as opposed to Alpine, it functions foot heat and some advanced massage modes, like Wavelet, Pummel, Rhythm, and a zone massage mode.


Titan Pro Prestige 3D Massage Chair

It is a versatile and feature-packed chair that provides a luxurious massage experience. With its advanced technology and thoughtful design, this massage chair offers a range of options to suit your preferences and needs.

The Pro-Prestige 3D features a 3D massage mechanism, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the massage rollers. This customization ensures that you can tailor the massage to your liking, whether you prefer a gentle or deep massage.

Equipped with a computer body scan system, the chair accurately maps the key areas of your neck and back, ensuring optimal pressure during the massage. You can recalibrate the shoulder height setting to personalize your massage experience.

The chair’s SL-track design is ergonomic and efficient, providing a comprehensive massage from your neck to your glutes and upper hamstrings. This rolling track works in conjunction with the computer body scan to deliver a massage that conforms to your body shape.

With 24 airbags strategically placed throughout the chair, you can enjoy a full-body compression massage. The streamlined design of the airbag system optimizes efficiency and reliability, ensuring a satisfying massage experience.

The Pro-Prestige 3D offers six auto massage programs and six manual massage styles, including kneading, tapping, Swedish, rolling, shiatsu, and clapping. These programs and styles cater to various massage preferences and therapeutic needs.

Heat therapy is provided through heating pads located on the lumbar area, complementing the roller and airbag massage. The heat helps increase blood circulation and relax tense muscles, enhancing the overall massage experience.

This chair also incorporates zero gravity positioning, which gives you a weightless feeling during the massage. You can adjust the recline manually or set it to recline automatically. The space-saving technology allows you to place the chair within one inch of the wall, even in the fully reclined position.

To further enhance your relaxation, the chair features extendable footrests and foot roller massage. The foot rollers target the sides and arches of your feet, providing a dimensional kneading experience.

With built-in Bluetooth speakers in the headrest, you can enjoy your favorite music or take phone calls during your massage, adding a touch of entertainment and convenience.

The Titan Pro-Prestige 3D is available in black and taupe colors. It comes with a curbside delivery option, and a warranty of one year for parts and labor, with an additional two to three years for parts only.

In conclusion, the Titan Pro-Prestige 3D offers a comprehensive massage experience with its adjustable features, advanced technology, and ergonomic design. With its range of massage programs, zero gravity positioning, heat therapy, and extendable footrests, this chair provides ultimate relaxation and comfort in the convenience of your own home.

Does Massage Chair Really Work?

Tranquil Smiles also mentioned a little bit of scientific evidence behind the claims. Not many details were revealed as to how exactly the scientists analyzed the medical study data collected from the place of interest. However, it is thought that the information gathered from the study is based on a 10-year period with a price match guarantee. It’s somewhat worth noting that, in addition to there being little detailed research about the effectiveness of massage chairs, there is also little rigorous study carried out on the benefits that the model can provide.

So, although a lot of people have seemingly fallen under the sway of the suggestion that massage chairs might be a viable alternative to running, swimming, or cycling, little reliable research is out there to back the claims. Also, despite a few valiant attempts to investigate the benefits of a brown massage chair, it is still not quite clear how exactly the device works, or what precisely it is meant to do. In addition to this, it’s worth noting that the recommended use of massage chairs is for more minor health problems. For instance, the society of pilates students suggested that the chair should be used with people with back pain.

Titan Alpha Massage Chair

Reimagined from an iconic Eames design, the iconic, sculptural Titan Alpha chair by Helios Instruments is an elevated workstation that can recline and swivel to support a range of postures and postures. The ergonomic chair offers a reconfigured micro surface design with perforated edges that are breathable and cooling, so even during long days, you can get comfortable. With a dual-tone color palette in a variety of shades of black and brown, the chair is tailored for a corporate work environment while embracing a friendly, modern feel that is modern and professional. The custom seat and back cushion offer upholstery in a combination of woven polyester fabric that’s durable and machine washable.

The chair incorporates streamlined computer ports on the armrests, as well as USB charging ports, a laptop sleeve, a drink holder, and a media ledge. As if it wasn’t already high-tech enough, the chair comes with a patented pedal system that’s designed to distribute pressure on your lower back and hip bones to prevent long-term injuries. Designed to be paired with an upright monitor, the pedal system should help you work more comfortably.

What’s the Difference Between 3D and 4D Massage Chairs?

Usually, the names 3D massage chair and 4D massage chair are confused. They are not the same. 3D means the massage chair is 3D printed with several shades of black and white. The chair has, for the most part, three poles sticking out at various angles. When the massage chair is in use, it will vibrate so hard that you will feel the vibrations against your back. On the other hand, the 4D massage chair is 4D because the chair takes four human touchpoints and pumps them together at the same time.

As your massage therapist positions the device with their hands, their palms come together, fingers intertwine, and their knuckles touch. This way, they are providing you with four massage vibes that are vibrating at the same time. Regardless, the massage chairs (black, brown colors) still do the same thing. They’re just much, much more efficient. The Basics: How Much Does It Cost? The price varies based on the model. The options that have the most options tend to be the most expensive. You should not expect a chair to be under $1,000.

What Are the Shipping Options for TITAN Massage Chairs?

Founded in 2009, it has a history of being one of the top massage chair brands available in the industry today. Since its inception, it has been a leading name in the massaging chair market, and its products are among the best-reviewed and highest rated in the industry. An equally impressive feat is the fact that TITAN has remained a family-owned business, which is why you can rely on it for quality products.

The fact that TITAN continues to rise on the rankings of the best massaging chairs in the market, suggests that there is something special about their massaging chairs. They are much-needed, even if you do not feel the need to sit in one to relieve stress. But TITAN has certainly made it possible to relieve stress and pain by providing an array of products on the market. And you can get a TITAN massage chair, to best use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Titan the Same as Osaki?

While both Titan and Osaki are well-known brands in the massage chair industry, they are not the same company.

Titan and Osaki are separate entities that manufacture and distribute massage chairs independently. However, they often share similarities in their product offerings and target markets.

Both Titan and Osaki produce a wide range of massage chair models with various features and capabilities, catering to different user preferences and budgets. These chairs typically incorporate advanced massage techniques, such as shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and air compression, to provide therapeutic benefits and relaxation.

Despite their similarities, Titan and Osaki maintain distinct branding, pricing strategies, and product portfolios. Each company may have its unique design aesthetics, warranty terms, and customer support services.

Ultimately, while both Titan and Osaki offer quality massage chairs, consumers may choose between them based on individual preferences, such as specific features, pricing, and customer service reputation.

Are 4D Massage Chairs Worth It?

Yes, 4D massage chairs are worth it for individuals seeking advanced massage therapy with customizable and immersive experiences.

4D massage chairs offer a significant upgrade over their predecessors by incorporating an additional dimension of control, depth, and precision in massage techniques. Unlike 3D massage chairs, which allow adjustments in intensity and depth, 4D chairs also enable variations in the speed and rhythm of massage rollers, mimicking the movements of human hands more accurately.

This dynamic control over massage movements allows users to tailor their massage sessions to their specific preferences and needs, whether they prefer a gentle, relaxing massage or a deep tissue therapeutic treatment. The ability to adjust the speed and rhythm of massage rollers enhances the overall effectiveness of the massage, targeting tension points and promoting muscle relaxation more effectively.

Furthermore, 4D massage chairs often come equipped with advanced features such as body scanning technology, heat therapy, air compression massage, and customizable massage programs. These additional features enhance the overall massage experience, providing users with a comprehensive and immersive relaxation session.

While 4D massage chairs may come with a higher price tag compared to their 3D counterparts, the added benefits and customization options they offer make them a worthwhile investment for individuals prioritizing optimal comfort, relaxation, and therapeutic relief. Additionally, considering the long-term health benefits of regular massage therapy, investing in a high-quality 4D massage chair can be seen as a valuable investment in one’s overall well-being and quality of life.

Where to Buy

Amazon ShopThe most trustworthy places to buy Titan chairs online are the Titan website and Amazon.

However, Amazon might offer a better shipping policy, sales tax in some states, and better returns.

Make sure the website where you order your perfect chair has good customer reviews, though. Otherwise, you might receive a used chair, no warranties, or no return options.

Our Final Thoughts

The best Titan chair under $2000 is the Titan Pro Alpha because it’s therapeutic, offers a great neck massage, and has a comfortable back pillow.

With a hybrid massage track, shoulder heating, and top air massage, the Titan TI-PRO Summit the best in the over $3000 category.

The middle price range offers TI-Alpine as the top option, with 2 zero-G positions, air feet massage, and hip squeeze.

Still, there are plenty of other options, and we made 20 massage chair comparisons in this article, so we’re sure you’ll find the right chair for your needs.

Now it’s your turn: which chair are you going to choose and why?

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