How to Maintain a Drafting Chair to Extend Its Life Indefinitely!

drafting chair maintenance

Drafting chairs are essential pieces of furniture for many professionals, providing comfort and support for long hours of work. However, with frequent use, these drafting stools can become worn and damaged, reducing their lifespan. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to maintain your most comfortable drafting chair to extend its … Read more

How to Adjust a Drafting Chair for Ultimate Comfort

drafting stool adjustment intro

Are you tired of experiencing discomfort while working long hours at your drafting table? A poorly adjusted drafting chair can cause aches and pains in your back, neck, and legs, leading to reduced productivity and overall dissatisfaction with your work setup. The good news is, with a few simple adjustments, you can turn your drafting … Read more

Drafting Chair vs. Office Chair: Similarities and Differences

Drafting Chair vs. Office Chair Intro

As a seasoned expert in the field of ergonomics, I’ve had the pleasure of trying and testing numerous chairs, ranging from drafting chairs to office chairs. It’s fascinating to see the similarities and differences between these two types of seating options. While they are both designed for office use, there are notable variations in their … Read more

Benefits of Using Drafting Chairs for Ultimate Productivity!

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Are you tired of feeling sluggish and uncomfortable at work? With long hours spent sitting at a desk, it’s important to have a comfortable and supportive chair. One solution is a drafting chair. These chairs are designed to support a person’s posture and comfort, leading to increased productivity and a more comfortable work environment. In … Read more

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain Review (2022): Ultimate Guide

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

One of my friends works in an office for about 11 hours each day. Don’t ask me how she does it, she just does. Needless to say, she suffers from back pain. She tried all sorts of natural remedies, a couple of chiropractor sessions per week, walked more, lost weight, got into Yoga, and even … Read more

Best Recliner for Back Pain (2022) Reviews & Buying [Guide]

The Best Recliners For Back Pain

Last year I took my aunt shopping to find a good recliner chair. We spend a few hours testing a few popular models I got recommended. Guess what? They weren’t that good … That’s not to say they weren’t quality products. Some models had fancy massage features built-in (generally, massage recliners are my favorite)  but … Read more

7 Best Reclining Office Chairs With Footrests [2022 Review & Update]

7 Best Reclining Office Chairs With Foot Rest

Studies show that if you don’t change your sitting position, you’re prone to backaches, circulation problems, stiff neck, obesity, and even cancer. If you can’t get up and move around your office, at least changing your position can help. That’s why you need the best office, recliner — and the possibility to relax right while … Read more

11 Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Long Hours (2022 Review)

7 Most Comfortable Chairs

An office chair is one of those modern types of furniture equipment that you are going to be using for extended periods of time every single day Same as a good mattress or pillow, it should be chosen with care because directly or indirectly it will influence your short and long term health & well-being. … Read more