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Best Big and Tall Office Chair (2024) | Large Capacity Ergonomic Models [Review]

I am working at a desk for 8 to 12 hours each day.

Many of my friends sit for as many as 14 hours a day.

If you are big & tall or slim and if you’re reading this, you’re in the same boat and understand all the pain associated with sitting long hours in your office or home.

Aaccording to research, sitting down for longer stretches than 30 minutes decreases your life expectancy.

For me, and for many people, it’s not realistic to set an alarm clock that rings every half hour for breaks that could, in theory, prolong our lives.

These breaks make you lose your train of thought and decrease your productivity.

But if you want to prolong your life and, in the process, get rid of the backaches and joint pain caused by working at a desk, you need to buy a good, reliable chair.

Big & tall people need different chairs than standard models because your frame is bigger. So you need a model that’s ergonomic and supportive for your body shape.

Luckily, I’ve comprised a list of the best big and tall office chairs of this year.

I’ve detailed all of them in terms of your potential purpose and needs, analyzing all their pros and cons below:

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Top 10 Big & Tall Office Chairs in 2024 (Reviews & Overview)

1. Herman Miller Aeron #1 Best Office Chair for Big and Tall Ergonomic (Under 300 Lb and 6’6″ in Height)

Herman Miller Aeron


The Herman Miller Aeron is the best model I tested, thanks to its ergonomic design. The PostureFit SL backrest means the back follows your natural spine curvature from your neck to under your buttocks.

Aeron Design for for large person

This design feels very comfortable and supportive to your whole back and seat. This support ensures you’ll maintain a positive posture at your work desk, with your chest open and shoulders back.

The seat design helps tilt your pelvis forward, so it doesn’t put pressure on your lower back. As such, you will avoid lower back pain and stiffness.

Features of Aeron Chair

The lumbar pads that are regulable are another advantage because they’re supportive and eliminate backaches. If only this chair had a headrest, it would have been perfect.

The Aeron is a quality model, made with top materials. The 8Z Pellicle suspension for the seat and back is resistant, flexible, and supportive. There are eight different tension areas, to make sure your body is well supported.

The Aeron From Back

There are three models for the Aeron: small, medium, and large. The large model is the biggest, but its backrest is 20.5 inches, so it can only accommodate users up to 6.6. You also need to be under 300 pounds for it.

The Aeron Chairs

The Aeron is a good investment thanks to its ergonomic features and quality materials, even if it’s more expensive than regular office chairs. However, it has a 12-year warranty to ensure its long lifespan and top-notch build. This model is one of the best office chairs available if you are under 300 pounds!


  • 12-year warranty
  • Ergonomic
  • Improves posture
  • Regulable lumbar pads
  • Good adjustable lumbar support
  • Breathable
  • SL design


  • Expensive
  • No headrest


2. Serta Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive#1 Budget Chair For Heavy Person (Best Value)

Serta Big and Tall Office Chair


If you’re a heavy person, the Serta Big and Tall Office Chairs can support a weight of up to 350 pounds. It is commercial grade with a tall backrest to accommodate tall people too.

If you’re under 6”, beware: your feet will dangle. Besides, the Serta Executives’ assembly is no joke.

This chair’s design expresses power thanks to its classic stylish apparel. The leather is rich brown, with strong stitches for extra durability.

Serta Chair Design

The arms and base both have a rich espresso finish and a classic bentwood veneer. However, the leather is a bit thin and can make you sweat.

This best executive chair is comfortable office chair thanks to its generous padding. The body pillows are ego layered, which means it adapts to your body’s anatomical shape.

Serta Chair In Front

As such, the Serta is comfortable for prolonged hours sitting down. The armrests are padded as well, though they’re not regulable.

You can only adjust the seat height and tilt the backrest, with the best ergonomic mechanism that’s advertised as allowing Infinite locking positions. However, the tilting function doesn’t do much.

Serta Locking Positions

There’s an adjustable lumbar mechanism for lumbar support as well, which is an advantage for long hours sitting because you can avoid backaches.


  • Well padded
  • Comfortable office chairs to sit for long hours
  • Stylish
  • Lumbar support
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Heavy
  • Not many adjustments
  • Thin leather upholstery


3. Steelcase Leap PlusBig & Tall Ergonomic Office Chair (300+lb Weight Limit Capacity – Under 500 lbs)

Steelcase Leap Plus


Steelcase Leap Plus is my top choice for marathon sitting sessions because of its ergonomic, comfortable build.

The Liveback technology promotes a good posture and eliminates back pain because the backrest can change shape to accommodate how your spine moves.

Leap Plus Designs

The Steelcase Leap is easy to adjust thanks to its automatic mechanisms. The armrests can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, depth-wise and pivoted so that they can fit your movements and positions throughout your workday.

You can sit for hours in the Leap Plus without any upper body or neck pain thanks to these arms.

You can also recline back easily, without any strain to give your back a rest. The back support is reliable too, while the variable back stop is user-friendly and secure.

Leap Plus Chair Dimensions

The downside is that the Leap Plus features a hard seat. Some users prefer firm seats, while others immediately get sciatica pains if they don’t use a cushiony seat.

Another downside for some customers is that plastic is used for the base, frame, and shell, which isn’t as long-lasting as metal.

So it will dent your carpet if you don’t get additional carpet casters.

For the most art product chair reviews are positive.

There is a reason this model has been a best seller for years and a great money earner for the Steelcase brand.


  • Weight-tested up to 500 pounds
  • Liveback technology
  • Intuitive adjustments
  • 4D armrests
  • Reclines
  • Sturdy office chairs
  • For marathon sitting sessions
  • Eliminates backaches


  • Plastic frame, base, shell and arms
  • Casters can dent your carpet
  • Firm seat


4. La-Z-Boy DelanoWide Seat With Exceptional Support and Comfort

La-Z-Boy Delano Chair


The La-Z-Boy Delano looks stylish thanks to its chestnut bonded-leather upholstery. The walnut-colored armrests and base complement the upholstery well. The 5-star base provides stability for this model.

I like this sort of bonded leather because it feels supple and soft, plus it’s low-maintenance. However, leather gets pretty hot, so it can make your legs and arms sticky if you’re not wearing long sleeves.

La-Z-Boy Chair Design

The La-Z-Boy Delano is one of the most comfortable chairs for big and tall people, even when it reclines.

The ComfortCore Plus offers exceptional support for heavy people because it’s manufactured with multiple layers of memory foam.

Comfort Plus

The advantage of this office chair for heavy person that this memory foam padding doesn’t wear out with time. The disadvantage is that it’s fairly firm, and some people would prefer more cushiony padding.

Delano La-Z-Boy Dimensions

With a wide seat and sturdy frame, the Delano can accommodate users up to 400 pounds. You can easily adjust the seat height for tall users too.


  • Elegant
  • Soft bonded-leather
  • Supportive
  • Wide seat
  • Reclines


  • The leather can get hot
  • Not a cushiony seat


5. DXRacer Tank SeriesBest Big & Tall Gaming Chair (Under 450 lbs)

DxRacer Tank Series

If you like gaming, you know you can’t take breaks every half an hour to stretch your legs. Gaming chairs should be ergonomic and should allow flexible movements. And that’s what this DXRacer Tank can do.

Ergonomic design features an extra-high, flexible backrest with a race-car design. As such, the curved S-shape backrest has side flaps to make sure you’re supported.

Angle Adjuster Function

The headrest and lumbar cushions are very supportive for extreme gaming sessions, and the chair tilts back to ensure maximum comfort.

But keep in mind that the neck pillow is only useful when you recline fully. Otherwise, you won’t feel it’s there. The lumbar cushion tends to slip down when you’re gaming, and some users say it’s too firm for their taste.

The armrests offer comfy support as well. They’re 4D regulable, so they move in/ out, up/ down, left/right, and pivot. These adjustments protect your shoulders and wrists from fatigue and stiffness.

2 Year Warranty

All the materials used for manufacturing this model show durability and comfort. The PU leather upholstery is breathable and resistant, the aluminum base is strong, and the PU casters are stable and easy-glide.

That’s why the DXRacer comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 2-year parts warranty. There’s a downside though.

DxRacer Tank Dimensions

While this model can support people up to 450 pounds and 6’7”, the official specs read that the user’s recommended BMI should be less than 30 for the best sitting experience.


  • Solid
  • Quality materials
  • Ergonomic
  • S-shape racing-car backrest
  • Highly regulable
  • Breathable
  • Comfy for prolonged periods
  • Supportive
  • Good warranties


  • Neck pillow better when reclining
  • Lumbar support can be too firm
  • <30 recommended BMI


6. NBF Signature Series – Great for Up to 400 lb Weight Capacity

NBF Signature Series Chair

Weight Capacity400 lbs (pounds weight)
Seat Dimensions23″W x 18.5″D
Backrest Dimensions24.5″W x 29″H
Height20.75 to 23.75″
Weight72 pounds

The NBF Signature is without a doubt a comfortable model for big & tall people, thanks to its top-quality materials and craftsmanship. As such, this model is perfect for a sitting or gaming marathon.

The memory foam seat is maybe its best characteristic. Memory foam is the best type of padding for heavy users because it doesn’t wear out quickly like sponge padding.

NBF Signature Chair DesignOn the other hand, memory foam is very firm so while it’s supportive, it’s not cushiony.

NBF Signature solved this problem by using 7 inches of padding instead of the industry’s usual of 3 inches.

The full-grain leather used for the upholstery is another grade-A material.

This type of leather is breathable and supple, but also resistant to long-term and low maintenance.

The sides are made entirely from polyurethane, with no added PVC, which adds to the upholstery’s resistance.

The backrest is comfy for prolonged sitting too.

Its S-shape fits the anatomical curvature of your spine, so sitting in this chair feels natural and promotes a good posture.

NBF Chairs At The SideTherefore, you won’t feel any backaches, stiffness, or joint pain.

The backrest could have been better if it had lumbar adjustment support.

The waterfall design for the seat is another plus.

This type of edge doesn’t dig into your thighs, so it doesn’t cut blood circulation.

While there’s no separate headrest, it has a protuberant cushiony part at its top, where you can rest your head or support your neck.

NBF Wheels The armrests are supportive and comfortable too. I like that the full-grain leather upholstery doesn’t let you sweat and the layer of padding is comfortable too.

However, the armrests aren’t regulable either. There are other advantages to this model.

For instance, it can fit tall users and regular-height people alike thanks to its wide-range height adjustments.

It also reclines, so it can alleviate back pain, help you unwind or work from a more comfortable position.

The Greenguard certification is another plus because it means it is eco-friendly. Besides, the customer support team is prompt and helpful.

GreenGuard Logo

But on the downside, this model is fairly basic for its price range, lacking important features and with a limited range of customizations.


  • Top-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Memory foam seat
  • Breathable
  • Resistant
  • Low-maintenance
  • Office chairs 400 lbs capacity
  • Comfortable for prolonged sitting
  • Supportive armrests
  • Reclines
  • Greenguard certification
  • Stellar customer support


  • Expensive
  • No lumbar support adjustment
  • No regulable armrests
  • No headrest


7. Flash Furniture HERCULES SeriesTop Leather Chair For Back Pain with Built-In Lumbar Support

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series

One of the most heavy-duty office chairs you can invest in, with up to 500 pounds weight capacity and extra-thick foam padding to support heavier users. This model from Flash Furniture’s Hercules Series is one of the tops on for heavier people and people with back issues.

Weight CapacityUp to 500 pounds
Seat Dimensions22” W x 20.5” D
Backrest Dimensions21” W x 25” H
Height Adjustment21.5″ to 24″
Weight60 Pounds

Firstly, it is as solid as an iron bench, so it is no wonder it can hold up to 500 pounds weight, and some online reviewers claim it can hold much more than that.

Secondly, the whole construction is designed for long hours’ worth of comfort. The built-in lumbar support takes the pressure off your spine and prevents lower back pain.

Hercules Chair From Back

The high back design of this model with an adjustable headrest prevents stiffness or knots in the shoulders and neck area. I also like the plush padding that doesn’t seem to wear out fast.

These padding cushions support you when you’re sitting down for hours, and therefore decrease the risk of back pain.

The plush padded seat with a waterfall edge design ensures that your blood circulation is stable in your thigh area. As such, you’re lowering the risk of sciatica.

Another reason why this Hercules Executive prevents back strain is its tilt lock mechanism that gives you a comfortable reclining position.

Flash Furniture Logo / check price on amazon

However, some users complain they need to use a back cushion to bring them to a straighter, forward position.

The upright position via an extra pillow can affect the chair’s functionality, though. The armrests are padded, but they’re not very comfortable when you’re sitting upright because they’re too low.

When you’re using the chair in its natural, reclined position, the armrests are highly supportive. You can solve this problem with some arm pads, though.

360 Degree Swivel Functions

Other advantages are the 360-degree swivel and pneumatic height adjustment. However, the Hercules Executive weighs over 60 pounds, so it is a massive chair, and the rollers might dig into your carpet.

Another common complaint is that the headrest doesn’t stay in place. Some people have even used a 2×4 to prevent the headrest from sliding.

Others have figured out that the included hex key needs to go into a hole beneath the upholstery to secure the headrest, which means the instructions are not so good.

400 lbs Capacity Function

I like the materials used for this chair too because they’re decent, although not top, quality. The base is made from chrome, and the upholstery is a mix of leather and fabric.

These won’t last for decades, but they are value-for-money.


  • Solid
  • For long hours
  • High back design
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Regulable headrest
  • Plush padding
  • Reclining position
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Decent materials


  • Heavy
  • Needs back pillow for an upright position
  • Armrests too low when upright


8. Sadie Big and Tall

Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair

Weight Capacity350 pounds
Seat Dimensions22’’ W x 22’’ D
Backrest Dimensions
Height20″ to 23”
Weight44 pounds

The Sadie Big and Tall is a mesh office chair that can support people up to 350 lb, and it has a height adjustment between 20 to 23 inches so that it can accommodate taller users too.

This ergonomic heavy-duty office chair and well-thought design. The curved backrest is supportive because it follows the anatomical shape of your spine.

Up To 350 Pounds

Besides, this model is one of the few in its niche that opts for an all-mesh backrest. This sort of backrest is better than a thickly padded one if you have back issues.

That’s because you can get firm support, an anatomically-correct contour of your spine, and an adjustable lumbar pad.

3 Year Warranty / free shippingThis lumbar pad can be positioned very precisely to support the exact problem area on your back.

While mesh isn’t as cushiony for prolonged periods sitting down, it is more ergonomic. Besides, a mesh back has the advantage of breathability.

The downside for the backrest is that the back seat doesn’t lock in place when you tilt it.

When it comes to the seat, the first thing I noticed is how wide it is, at 22×22 inches.

The comfortable seat cushion is plush, yet firm, so it doesn’t sag.

The armrests are supportive too, and you can adjust them vertically, but they have very thin padding.

Ergonomic Posture Support

While there’s some assembly required for this model with rather poor instructions, the good news is that you’ll get the tools in the package.

Besides, the 3-year warranty is decent, though it doesn’t compare to Aeron’s 12 years.


  • Up to 350lb Big & Tall office chair
  • Ergonomic
  • Curved backrest
  • Firm support
  • Breathability
  • Wide
  • Comfortable seat cushion
  • Armrests are supportive
  • Included tools
  • 3-year warranty


  • Thin armrest padding
  • No tilt lock mechanism
  • Poor instructions


Models not included in this review but I’ve been asked to include are: AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair, KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Computer Desk Chair, Serta 43675 Faux Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair, Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Leather Chair with gas lift seat height adjustment controls, AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair Bonded Black Leather, SPACE Seating AirGrid Back and Padded Mesh Seat Adjustable Arms, Boss Office Products B8771S-BK Double Plush High Back Executive Chair, OneSpace Taft Mesh Back Oversized Model


YAMASOROYAMASORO Office Chair features up to 71% slant, 80-degree backrest tilt angle, 11-degree recline angle, and optional neck and head support. Strap cushions provide mobility for maximum comfort.  Ergonomic design with tilt, swivel, lumbar, shoulder, and foot control to provide complete comfort.

The slant of the office chair isn’t highly adjustable, but it is regulable in the armrest and backrest. The positioning of the keyboard backrests is regulable to different degrees as well.  The keyboard and mouse can be fixed at a low angle. The Yamasoro is made of recycled plastic. It is available in a variety of colors (blue, green, black, red, gray, brown, and black with gray).  The Yamasoro is available for around $180-$200.

The Yamasoro looks great, especially when using it in black. “The plastic edges of the base are smooth, soft, and perfectly rounded, which gives the chair a contemporary look. The high-quality veneer door glides smoothly back and forth when you open it. t is very convenient because you can walk straight to the worktop from the seat. A higher, more expensive model in the Yamasoro range has been available for almost three years, but this is the first time it has been offered to TechRadarPro.

Bonus Model – JOYFLY Big and Tall Office Chair

The JOYFLY Big and Tall Office Chair is an exceptional choice for individuals seeking comfort, durability, and ergonomic support in their office seating.

Featuring a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds, this office chair is specifically designed to accommodate larger individuals without compromising on comfort or stability. The seat is generously sized, providing ample space for users to sit comfortably throughout the day.

One of the standout features of the JOYFLY office chair is its adjustable seat, which can be moved forward and backward to suit various body types. This unique capability allows users to experience a zero-gravity sensation by positioning the seat at its furthest front position, promoting optimal support for the lower back and enhancing overall comfort.

The chair boasts a dual-back structure, with a double-layered backrest designed to conform to the natural curve of the spine. This innovative design provides comprehensive support to the neck, back, and waist simultaneously, helping to alleviate pressure and reduce tension during prolonged periods of sitting.

Constructed with top-quality materials certified by the professional BIFMA organization, including a high-strength metal base and 360° silent casters, the JOYFLY office chair prioritizes safety and durability. Additionally, the SGS-certified gas lift ensures smooth and secure height adjustments, further enhancing the chair’s stability.

Ease of assembly is another notable aspect of the JOYFLY office chair, with detailed instructions and installation videos provided for quick and hassle-free setup. Furthermore, the chair comes with a one-year warranty and return service, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Overall, the JOYFLY Big and Tall Office Chair offers exceptional comfort, support, and durability, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and ergonomic seating solution for their home or office.

How Should You Sit in an Office Chair?

Taking a seat in the cubicle or office chair is an essential part of your professional experience. If you sit at a desk all day, you’re quickly heading down a slippery slope. According to the American Chiropractic Association, sitting at a desk all day is one of the most prevalent and potentially dangerous workplace hazards. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage these ergonomic chairs challenges to get and stay healthy at work. Look for alternatives to sitting all day. Try standing or walking throughout the day instead of sitting down. If you can’t change your work environment to fit your body, don’t overthink it. Just make sure to take frequent breaks to stretch. Studies have shown that even just standing for three minutes on a regular basis can reduce upper back pain and improve posture. Maybe you’re a long-time office worker. You arrive at work each morning, plunk down in your chair and start working.

Perhaps you work from a standing desk. Or maybe you find that sitting for long periods of time doesn’t feel very good. Maybe you work out in the morning or take a walking break every hour or so. Whatever it is, your body is getting used to the posture and position you have while working, whether that’s at a desk or in a chair with free-shipping. After a while, your body should become accustomed to the standing/walking/sitting/standing combination, so that when you stand up to go to lunch or a meeting, you’re less likely to feel achy and stiff or to experience pain. But there’s another type of “sitting” in which your posture isn’t quite as comfortable and there’s nothing you can do to remedy the problem. It’s when your desk or chair is too low or too wide for your frame.

Do Office Chairs Have a Weight Limit?

This is one of those times that you’ll almost definitely end up getting the wrong answer if you Google the question yourself. No, there is no weight limit for office chairs. Office chairs are typically constructed using thick steel tubes for additional stiffness. If you’re worried about your office chair breaking, check the actual dimensions of the chair you’re interested in purchasing.

Just because you’re in the office and having trouble sitting in the chair for too long, does not mean the chair is broken. The issue might be the way you’re using it. If you’re spending too much time in the chair leaning forward over your desk, this is a sign that your back might be a little out of shape. You can check your back by laying on your back, lying on your side, or even sitting with your arms draped on the back of the chair. If you find that your back or hips have started to go numb, you need to make some changes.

What’s the Best Big & Tall Chair for the Price?

What do you get when you mix a famous brand, a popular designer, and a well-respected retail site? A potential way to earn a little extra cash on the side, that’s what! On several occasions, we’ve done it ourselves, by offering the most popular styles on our site at a deep discount to influencers, industry friends, or anyone else who enjoys taking style cues from a reputable source. And you can, too! Here’s how!

I’ve learned from experience that there’s a huge difference between sitting on an overly padded throne in a dressing room in a bright blue plastic booth at a department store and sitting on a softer, more comfortable seat with a decent back. Granted, that dressing room is likely closed off to anyone else who isn’t in the room, so you’re guaranteed privacy. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get a truly great fit or great support. Even if it’s just your own small circle of friends who appreciate your stylishness (Hi, mom! Nice scarf!), you can quickly learn which of your preferred styles will look best.

How Strict Are Weight Limits on Office Chairs?

Setting weight limits on office chairs can seem a bit like the equivalent of putting tasers in the hall closet. In the same way some office owners limit employees to a certain weight, they might also consider the limit of a single office chair. But there are some important factors that go into setting that limit.

Chairs have to be checked for hazards before they are given out, and the weight of each person is regularly monitored in order to determine the amount of weight allowed. Many people might think that if employees are to be lifting office furniture, it should at least be from the floor instead of lifting it from an upright position. The weight of an office chair isn’t just from the support of the back or seat cushion—it also comes from the base. The distance an office chair moves also play a factor in the number of pounds of weight a person can bear.

How to Best Measure Heavy Duty Office Chairs Seat Size for Your Body

If you’re a big and tall person, you need to factor in the size of your office chair’s seat. If you get a chair with a narrow seat, you’ll feel constrained and get all your muscles stiff.

A seat that’s too wide doesn’t offer enough support because too much wiggle room can mess with your positive posture.

The solution is to figure out the perfect seat dimensions that accommodate your specific body type. Do this before the purchase, especially if you’re making an online buy and you can’t test the chair.

Seat Width Function

Have a seat on any chair or couch in your home office or regular office. Make sure you’re sitting upright, with the tailbone propped on the backrest, and keep your back straight. Your thighs should be hip-width apart, so not firmly pressed together.

Figure out what the ideal seat depth would be for your office chair, depending on your body shape. Get a measuring tape.

Measure the distance from your tail bone to the back of your knees. Subtract 1 to 3 inches to get the ideal seat depth range for your body type.

Office Chair Positions

This way, your thighs, and bottom will be supported without constricting your blood circulation. Figure out the ideal seat width to accommodate your body type. Keep your thighs hip-width apart when you’re sitting.

Get that tape measure to see what the distance between your thighs is at their maximum opening. Add 2 inches to this total distance to get the best office chair seat width.

This way, you ensure a 1-inch distance between the seat and either one of your thighs. Your legs are supported well, but not constricted.

How Wide Should an Office Chair Be?

At this point, you have to know three things: the seat and backrest width, and the total width.

I’ve already told you how to calculate the ideal seat width. However, the industry standard is about 17 to 20 inches. Big and tall people should add a few more inches to their ideal chairs.

Now for the backrest width. Seat down comfortably, with your back straight. Get a tape measure and ask a friend to measure your back from side to side, at its widest. Now add 2 inches to get the ideal backrest width for your chair.

Usually, ergonomic office chairs have a backrest width between 12 and 19 inches. Tall and heavy users need to add a few more inches to this industry standard.

Comfy Chairs Must Be

But the backrest width isn’t the only thing that matters for long-term comfort. The best chairs have adjustable backrests both in terms of height adjustable and tilt, and they should support your natural spine curvature to be supportive.

Make sure the total width of your chair, including the armrests, is smaller than your desk’s width. That way, the chair can fit under your desk, which saves space and is more comfortable when you’re writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Height for Office Chair?

A seat height of 19 – 21 inches off the floor is usually good enough for most people. The ideal height for an office chair is a crucial consideration for ensuring optimal comfort and productivity during long hours of work.

When determining the best height for your office chair, several factors should be taken into account. Firstly, ensure that your feet are flat on the floor or supported by a footrest, promoting proper blood circulation and reducing strain on the legs. Secondly, position your chair so that your knees are at a 90-degree angle, promoting a neutral posture and minimizing pressure on the lower back. Additionally, the height should be adjusted to align your computer screen at eye level, preventing neck strain and promoting good ergonomics. By adhering to these guidelines, you can create a workspace that prioritizes your well-being and enhances your overall work experience.

Is it Better to Have Your Office Chair Lower or Higher?

To achieve proper ergonomics, Puleio suggests adjusting your seat to align your thighs parallel to the floor with your feet planted firmly on the ground (or on a footrest if needed). It is ideal to maintain a two-inch gap between the seat edge and the back of your knees.

When it comes to the height of your office chair, there is no definitive answer as to whether it is better to have it lower or higher. The optimal chair height depends on individual preferences and ergonomic principles. However, certain guidelines can help you make an informed decision. Having your chair set too low may result in your knees being positioned higher than your hips, leading to increased pressure on the lower back and reduced blood circulation in the legs.

Conversely, having your chair set too high can cause your feet to dangle or be unsupported, leading to discomfort and reduced stability. It is essential to find a balance where your feet rest flat on the floor or a footrest while maintaining a 90-degree angle at the knees. Experimenting with different chair heights and observing your body’s comfort and alignment can help you determine the ideal height that promotes good posture and minimizes strain during your work hours.

What Type of Chair is Best for Posture?

The type of chair that is best for posture is an ergonomic chair specifically designed to support the natural curves of the spine and promote proper alignment of the body. These chairs typically feature adjustable components that allow customization according to individual needs. Look for a chair that provides adequate lumbar support, as it helps maintain the natural curvature of the lower back and reduces the risk of developing back pain. Additionally, chairs with adjustable armrests, seat height, and tilt mechanisms allow for optimal positioning and comfort.

Consider chairs with breathable and cushioned seat that supports even weight distribution and reduces pressure points. By investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair, you prioritize your posture, enhance spinal alignment, and minimize the risk of musculoskeletal issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Final Words On Which Big and Tall Chairs to Pick

I’ve reviewed eight top-rated big and tall office chairs in this article, each with its pros and cons. My advice is to choose a model that fits your purposes, and special needs, along with your height and weight.

The Aeron is my top choice because it is a solid, durable, high-quality chair, with an ergonomic SL design that offers excellent lumbar support and helps improve your posture.

Top Choice Aeron HM

The Serta Big and Tall office chair is my number one budget choice because it is comfortable for long hours and offers a reliable lumbar support option.

My second choice for an ergonomic office chair is the Steelcase Leap Plus with its Liveback technology, 4D armrests, and automatic adjustments.

The La-Z-Boy Delano is one of the most comfortable chairs for big and tall users thanks to its wide seat and supportive designs.

The DXRacer Tank Series chair is the top ergonomic big and tall gaming chair thanks to its S-shape racing-car backrest and quality materials that render it comfortable for prolonged periods.

The NBF Signature Series Executive is another supportive chair for big guys and gal,  thanks to its memory foam seat.

The Flash Furniture Hercules Executive Office Chair is my top choice for people with back pain because its built-in lumbar support, plush padding, headrest, and reclining design can alleviate aches and pains.

And finally, the Sadie Big and Tall chair is an excellent choice for a computer chair thanks to its adjustable armrests, curved, breathable backrest, plush seat cushion, and lumbar adjustable mechanism.

But the choice is yours.

Which chair will you pick and why?

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