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Positive Posture Massage Chair Reviews (2020 Update) & [Alternatives]

I came across Positive Posture Massage Chair Model over recently. It’s called Brio!

Positive Posture is a US-based company with experience in the field of massage chairs, and it caters for people with a lower budget.

If you prefer to invest a little more, I’ll provide you with some good alternatives below.

Let’s Dive In…

About Positive Posture Massage Chair Company

Postitive Posture CompanyPositive Posture is one of the companies under the umbrella of Furniture for Life, along with brands like Inada USA and Panasonic massage chair distribution.

Based in Boulder, CO, this is an American brand you can count on because it partners with award-winning designers and wellness experts.

Positive Posture offers white glove delivery to most US locations, a 30-day trial, and a 3-year limited warranty to its massage chairs, and you can purchase an extended warranty as an option.

For the top of the line models in each price category, read my best shiatsu massage chair guide.

Positive Posture Massage Chairs (Review)

Here are my top picks below:

Brio Massage Chair Features

Brio Chair

Positive Posture Brio is an affordable, stylish-looking chair, manufactured from dark-brown synthetic leather.

This massage chair can target every part of your body, providing relaxing relief.

While it’s true that the Brio Massage Chair can massage parts of your body missed by other massage chairs in the same price range, it’s also true that the massage intensity is pretty low.

But getting a deep tissue massage might not be the goal for everyone – for instance older adults or people just looking to unwind.

Brio Massage ChairBesides, this chair comes with a fantastic back pad!

I tried the Brio Massage Chair, and I appreciate its ten programmed massages, along with manual techniques.

They might not be high-intensity or offer unique capabilities, but they deliver a good, basic massage.

Plus, for the price, the foot rollers are outstanding because they offer a great sole massage thanks to reflexology foot rollers.

This alleviates arch pain, plantar fasciitis or splay foot pain, apart from being soothing.

Lastly, I appreciate that the remote control combines innovative design with ease of use.

Its functional simplicity helps you select the best option in no-time, even if this chair doesn’t have a memory function.

On the downside, this chair is suited for people under 265 pounds, though it can fit users up to 6’5”.



L-Track SystemThe L-track is an S-track with some extra length, so it follows the natural curvature of your spine.

That guarantees an effective massage because the rollers will touch every pressure point on your back.

The added length means the rollers will get all the way down to your hamstrings instead of stopping around your mid-section.

It helps alleviate sciatica pain because your glutes and thigh will be thoroughly massaged.

Full Body Air Massage

Full-Body Air MassageThe Brio Massage Chair offers a full-body compression massage, from your arms, hips, outer thighs to your calves.

With 56 air cells that envelop your whole body, you can count on a quality air massage.

What this means is that the airbags squeeze your muscles, then immediately released so that you can benefit from a life-like chiropractic massage.

This improves your blood pressure, releases tense muscles and relaxes you so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Wall Hugging Design

Wall Hugging FeatureThis wall hugging design allows you to place the Brio Massage Chair anywhere you want to in your home.

This space-saving technology means you need about 4-inches from the wall for the chair to recline as much as it needs to give you a great massage.

Heating System

Heat in Back and Feet

Most massage chairs in this price range offer lumbar heat, but the Brio Massage Chair offers lower back and feet heat therapy.

The soothing heat has a relaxing effect, but it can also release tense muscles and improve circulation.

Apart from reducing the risk of various heart-related issues, improved blood circulation also increases your metabolism, which helps fight obesity or immune problems.


Zero Gravity SystemBrio Massage Chair features True Zero Gravity®, which places your spine in a neutral position, so your bodyweight presses on the rollers.

It takes pressure away from your spine and accounts for a deeper massage, but also improves your blood circulation, relieves compressed disc pain and alleviates joint pain.

The one zero gravity position offered by the Brio Massage Chair is the norm for massage recliners in this price range, though other recliners provide two or three levels of zero-G.

In this case, you’ll benefit from a 157° back recline and 80° footrest raise.

Acupressure Point Locator

Acupressure Point LocatorThe Acupressure Point Locator scans your body to find pressure points and customize your massage session.

Thanks to the Intelligent True 4D design, the rollers will move up-down, left-right, in-out, but they can move upward from the track too.

Along with the Acupressure Point Locator, your back, glutes, and legs benefit from a thorough massage, with techniques such as Pushing, Rolling, Tapping and Kneading.

Unfortunately, this chair doesn’t offer more advanced techniques such as Shiatsu or Thai.

Sol Massage Chair Features

Positive Posture Sol

The Sol Massage Chair delivers a good basic massage via two 15-minute preset session and five manual techniques.

Although it’s reliable, it has no special or therapeutic features, so, if you find it cheap, feel free to buy it – it’s a good investment, and it looks like a gamer’s chair.

The best feature of this chair is its proprietary Comfort Wave motion, which rocks you side to side to improve blood circulation, relax and boost your energy.

Positive Posture Sol also provides one zero-gravity position, which helps take the pressure off your lower back to alleviate spinal pain and joint pain.

Distributing your body weight evenly on the rollers to relieve your spinal joints, this also intensifies the massage, making it deeper.

The Sol also benefits from a 90-day return policy, free returns, and a lifetime labor warranty.

However, this chair is better suited for petite users, under 6’2” and 190 pounds.


Hips & Legs Air Compression

Hips & Legs Air CompressionAlbeit noisy, the air cells provide an excellent airbag massage.

The therapeutic compression they provide relieves pain around your legs and hips, alleviating sciatica or normal pain after a long day at the office.

L-Track Design

L-Track FeatureThe 45-inch roller track goes from your neck all the way down to your glutes.

The track design is ergonomic, following your natural spine curvature, which means the rollers target all your pressure points.

But unlike most massage chairs in the cheap price range, the Sol extends this track under your glutes, to deliver a more comprehensive massage.

USB Port

USB Charging Port

The USB charging port allows you to charge your phone or tablet while you’re in this chair, which makes it very user-friendly and convenient.

Space Saving TechnologySpace Saver

Sol’s compact design allows for placement anywhere in your home or office.

Apart from its small footprint, it’s also designed with space-saving technology so that you can place the chair near a wall.

Back HeatingBack Heat

Lower back heat therapy is quite soothing, but it also helps improve blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness.

This chair is relatively affordable, but other more expensive models include calf and feet heat too.

Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair vs. Infinity IT-8500 (Alternative)

Vs Infinity It-8500

Both the Infinity IT 8500 and IT 8500X3 are better alternatives to Positive Posture Massage Chairs, situated in the midprice range category.

Although these chairs feature an S-track design with quad rollers that is the industry standard, they deliver a functional massage.

Besides, the 3D body scan customizes all sessions according to your pressure points, but you can also readjust the rollers manually.

These are things you saw in the Positive Posture Massage Chairs above.

However, the Infinity chairs feature two zero-gravity positions, for a more deep tissue massage, as well as a plethora of programmed massage sessions, with both advanced and basic massage techniques you can combine.

Infinity 8500 x3You can even adjust the massage speed and intensity, while the deep tissue massage feels very therapeutic.

Other therapeutic features include the zone massage function, which allows you to focus on a pressure point for long, the firm body stretch to relieve compressed disc pain and the twist function.

The twist function is much like what a chiropractor would do to your spine for compressed disc pain, and it’s a milder version of the body stretch.

The real stellar feature of these chairs is the inversion therapy, which places you sort of upside down to relieve spinal pain.

On the other hand, the Infinities feature an average air massage mode with 38 airbags, run-of-the-mill lumbar heat and average foot massage with no rollers, just the air cells.

Still, these chairs both have MP3 support, an extendable ottoman for taller people, while the Infinity X3 features Bluetooth compatibility and 4D massage rollers for a more penetrating massage.

This means the rollers will travel away from the S-track to get massage deeper into your back and offer more therapeutic benefits, starting with pain relief.

Where To Buy Positive Posture Recliner and Final Thoughts

You can buy these chairs on the official Positive Posture website, as well as many offline retailers, make sure they offer a good deal regarding delivery, warranty, and returns.

Otherwise, Amazon is a trusted retail website where you can find all that, along with honest user reviews.

That said, though I think Positive Posture massage chairs are reliable enough for hobbyist users with a smaller budget, I prefer the Infinity chairs by far.

They have all the bells and whistles, plus they serve more therapeutic purposes.

So which chair will you choose and why? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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