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Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Review & PLUS Model [2024]

If you know me and follow my site, you probably know that I rated Luraco massage chair i7 (now upgraded to i7 PLUS model) is the best massage chair in 2021.

You will discover why (below)!

Luraco Technologies is a USA company based in Dallas, Texas.

American is not the only country that produces high-quality products. Still, in this case, the USA-made Luraco massage chair is a quality product with assembly in the USA. Having US-based customer service support is also a plus for Luraco Technologies.

And according to my research and experience, most people looking for a top-of-the-line massage chair must choose between great full-body massage chairs such as the Luraco iRobotics i7 and the Human Touch Novo XT2.

But I feel that the best option is the first, so this article is about the Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair review & comparison with similar products.

Curious yet? Read along.

About Luraco iRobotics i7 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Luraco massage chair brand - genuine leather material - black color options

The LuracoiRobotics i7 massage chair is a quality product, a genuine leather chair entirely designed and made in the USA, though some parts are imported from Taiwan.

This is a mark of its reliability, especially since you can trust in the quality and craftsmanship of the Luraco i7.

Besides, you can also trust it’s made for American users, considering it can fit people up to 6’7” and 300 pounds.

Besides, these medical massage chair recliners are especially suitable for therapeutic purposes, with plenty of options to suit your every need. It’s also quiet, easy to use, and comes with an impressive 5-year manufacturer warranty – but more of that below.


General Features

Without further ado, let’s see what the Luraco massage chair can do:

Body Scan Technology

The Luraco i7 features an S-track, meaning that the chair can accommodate your spine, curving, and fitting its anatomical shape so that the rollerz can cover the entire area of your back.

Body Scan TechnologyAlthough this is the industry standard and with plenty of benefits that stem from its ergonomic shape, it would have been better to see a longer L-track that can get up to your buttocks.

Still, the back massage offered by the Luraco i7 is well improved by the 3D body scan technology this chair uses.

This means the chair will scan your back before starting a massage so that the rollerz are adjusted according to your sore spots.

And if the computer happens to miss something, the good news is that you can manually adjust these rollerz yourself, with the easy-to-use remote.

All massage touch surfaces (Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Feet).

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor

This patent-pending healthcare device that comes with this 3d robotic massage chair is one of the patented features of the i7.

Heart Rate Monitor

While there are some good massage chairs on the market with plenty of therapeutic functions, it’s a good idea to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure to make sure you’re getting an adequate massage.

Apart from checking how efficient the massage chair is, these health monitors also help keep your blood pressure under control.

If you have a medical condition, if you’re pregnant or recovering from surgery, it’s a good idea to avoid strenuous massages.

Heat Therapy

According to the official specifications, the massage chair offers full-body heat, though that seems like a stretch.

medical massage chairs - Heating TherapyStill, it’s one of the best heat therapy functions I’ve seen in quite a while, considering there’s heat for the lower back, seat, and foot.

Heat therapy mimics a hot stone massage, with many important benefits, such as unwinding sore muscles, reducing pain, and making the whole massage feel more life-like and efficient.

But what’s even better with the i7 irobotics is that you can adjust the temperature!

This is a pretty unique feature; most of the chairs that boast heat therapy don’t allow temperature control, least of all with 5 different intensity levels.

3D Massage Roller Technology

The massage roller mechanism improves your massage experience by far.

3D RollersFirstly, it’s good to know that S-track massage chairs don’t usually offer an intense tissue massage – in fact, L-track chairs are famed for their vigorous massages.

But with 3D technology, the Luraco chair has rollers that can move up and down, left and right, in and out.

The rollers have extension arms that travel up to 3 inches away from the massage track, getting you a penetrating massage.

And if you select the maximum intensity levels, this feels almost like a deep tissue massage, with all its benefits like reducing chronic pain and improving blood circulation, relaxing you, and helping you fall asleep faster.

Double Foot Rollers

The rollers enhance your foot massage by far, and the Luraco i7 is famed for offering amazing foot massages.

Dual foot rollers make the massage feel more intense than quad rollers because they provide deeper, more aggressive massages.

Foot RollersQuad rollers have 4 rollers instead of 2, which cover a bigger surface.

Rollers are instead better for deep, localized massages, considering they cover a smaller surface.

Still, double rollers will massage your entire foot, including your heel area, which is great news for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Otherwise, you can also reduce arch pain, arthritis, pain, or simple discomfort after a night dancing or a day spent on your feet.

9 Automatic Programs

Luraco i7 is a feature-packed chair with plenty of massage options you can combine for deep relaxation and pain relief.

As such, the chair offers some basic massage techniques, like Kneading, Tapping, Kneading, and Tapping, plus the more advanced Rolling, Swedish, and Shiatsu.

You can also selectively activate the body region you want the rollers to focus on, from the head and neck to your shoulders, upper back, lower back, and feet.

9 Automatic ProgramsThere are even 6 different intensity levels, so you can further customize your massage experience.

The 9 pre-programmed manual massages include the therapeutic Health, the relaxing Soft, the Quick option for people who only have a few minutes, the Night program to help you sleep, the Sport option for active people, Tapping to help you unwind and relieve pain, plus Stretch and TV Mode, which are the best IMHO.

The body stretch program is quite intense, much like a chiropractic adjustment that helps take the pressure off your compressed spinal discs, which cause chronic back pain.

However, if it’s too much for you, try some heat therapy first.

Secondly, the TV mode is great for people who want to benefit from a relaxing massage while binge-watching Netflix.

The chair will recline, and the massage isn’t so intense, so you can also focus on the TV.

Your Music System

The music system is definitely not the best I’ve seen on the market because it’s not that easy to use.

Your Music System

So although you have good MP3 support, you need an SD card to copy your favorite songs and then insert that into the chair.

Basically, you can’t browse or change your playlist during your massage, so Bluetooth or USB support would have been better.

Touch Screen Remote Control

As you’ve read above, Luraco features tons of options and customized features.

It even offers 5 personal user memory settings to customize your massage settings and remember your preferences.

i7 Remote Control with memory settingsThis is why it’s such a good thing to have an easy-to-use, intuitive remote control.

Its widescreen makes the writing easy to read; the colors don’t hurt your eyes and make navigation easy.

Besides, you can even give the Luraco some commands, and it has a voice response, so you’re always in the loop when it comes to the massages you’re getting.

Plus, the user manual is easy to read. Kudos to the design team!

100 Airbags

Well, there aren’t exactly 100 airbags, but close to that: 80 Second Generation air cells are still pretty much, so your whole body will be covered from your head to your toes.

100 AirbagsAirbag massages are very therapeutic. The air cells will compress your body before quickly releasing the muscles, which is much like what a human chiropractor would do.

The purpose of these compressions is to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain while also inducing a deep sense of relaxation.

The airbag body massage offered by the i7 can be customized according to preferred body areas: head, upper arms, shoulders, lower arms, hands, hips, and thighs, calves, and feet. Besides, you also have five intensity levels.

Shoulder Airbags

The shoulder airbags deliver a deep shoulder and neck massage, squeezing your shoulders and immediately releasing them.

Apart from relaxing and improving blood circulation, this massage is great for people who have a desk job and limited time to stretch out or walk around the office.

It relieves cramps, and it also helps you fall asleep faster.

Calf Massage

The i7 massage chair’s calf massage is one of the best on the market because it comprises the functions above: heat therapy on the feet wells, air massage plus double rollers.

Calf Massage TechnologyYour feet will be warmed, squeezed, and scratched, so your soles will feel young again.

The combination of these functions helps reduce muscle pain, symptoms of Plantar fasciitis, and arch pain.

Basically, if you’re on your feet constantly or suffer from chronic foot pain, this is the chair you need to get.

Besides, a comprehensive foot massage improves blood circulation, optimizing your blood pressure and decreasing the risk of heart-related issues.

Infinity IT-8500 vs. Luraco iRobotics 7

The Infinity IT-8500 is a great zero gravity massage chair recliner in the under $5500 category, with plenty of options that make it a good alternative to the Luraco i7.

Both massage chairs sport an S-track design, a firm body stretch, and a 3D body scan in terms of similarities.

However, the IT-8500 boasts two zero-gravity seating positions, while the Luraco has just one.

Zero gravity means that your legs will be elevated slightly, so they’re higher than your heart level, which basically takes all the pressure off your spine.

Apart from being very comfortable and a good way to improve chronic pain, this also means that you’ll be getting a vigorous massage.

Luraco Vs Infinity

The IT-8500 elevates your legs in two different positions: one at about the same level as your heart and the other one a bit higher.

In terms of massage techniques, the two massage chairs are fairly similar. The IT-8500 offers Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Knocking, Dual Action, and Shiatsu.

On the other hand, the IT-8500 only boasts 4 pre-programmed massages, with no way to adjust the massage intensity and a fairly vigorous deep tissue option.

The Spot Massage Function is an excellent option with the Infinity IT-8500.

This means you can have the rollers stop on a pressure point and massage around it until you tell them to keep going.

Infinity IT-8500But the IT-8500 features a gloating partial massage so that you can begin partial massage modes too.

Conversely, the IT-8500 offers a poorer air massage mode, with just 38 Second Generation air cells and fewer areas you can concentrate on, though this massage mode offers 5 intensity levels.

You also get just lumbar heat with the IT-8500, while the Luraco i7 offers extensive heat therapy.

The IT-8500 shines through the gentle Twist stretching function, which complements the firm Stretch function, twisting your spine a bit more gently to benefit a chiropractic spinal adjustment.

Inversion therapy is another reason why the IT-8500 can seem better, reclining you upside down so you can improve your lymphatic fluid circulation.

Besides, the IT-8500 features a better music system via a USB port, but you still need to load music on a jump drive.

The downside is that the IT-8500 can only accommodate a user height of up to 6’4”, while the Luraco can go up to 6’7”.

Next Generation: Luraco I7 PLUS Massage Chair (New Features + Benefits)

irobotics i7 PLUS - beige and chocolate brown

The LuracoiRobotics i7 Plus massage chair comes with some significant improvements, which shows user-friendliness and Luraco’s concern with the users’ experience, like the fact that’s UL-listed.


Luraco Irobotics i7 Plus Adjustable Intensity Locations

luraco Irobotics 7 plus medical massage chair allows you to adjust the intensity levels depending on your body area.

Basically, you can choose a gentle lower back massage and an intense neck massage simultaneously.

The Luraco Irobotics i7 Plus massage chair has 6 intensity locations, which makes it highly customizable.

Upgraded Comprehensive Remote

This massage chair recliner comes with some improvement in the design of its remote control.

While this is the touchscreen type too and just as user-friendly, the remote for the new Luraco i7 Plus is faster and more durable.

Besides, it features some new massage options, like the new rhythms for Kneading and Tapping.

High-Quality Bluetooth Speaker

The Luraco i7 Plus improves the old version’s music system, considering it boasts 10 W Bluetooth speakers.

These are more powerful and help you relax better, but you still need a selected playlist first.

Hip Twist & Swivel Massage

The hip twist and body swivel with twist massage offered by the Luraco i7 Plus are comparable to that of Infinity’s IT-8500.

It’s a milder version of a full-body stretch, twisting your hips so that you decompress your spine and decrease chronic spinal pain.

This is great for people recovering from surgery, early pregnancy, or hobbyist users who don’t appreciate vigorous massages.

Cussmoter Service & Support

Customer support is responsive and eager to help and answer all of your questions. There are multiple ways to reach Luraco.

Physical Adress: 1140 107th Street, Arlington, TX 76011- U.S.A

Sales Department 1-817-633-1080

Sales Department Email: [email protected]

Technical Support Phone Number: 1-817-633-1080

 Technical Support Email: [email protected]

Where to Buy

The first place that comes to mind is the Luraco website, considering it’s a trustworthy source and other offline stores that might offer various deals, plus good shipping options.

Luraco is a trustworthy place for returns and good delivery options, too – you might even get a good deal for white glove delivery and home setup.

On the other hand, you can also try Amazon. This website is reliable when it comes to warranties, free shipping, and returns.

The best thing is that you can read more customer reviews and maybe get a bargain price.

There are some other great chairs such as Inada Dreamwave, Medical Breakthrough (have some doubts about this one – read my review), Panasonic Chairs, and Human Touch (read here), but I am positive this chair is a real winner here.

About Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair

The Luraco Legend Plus Massage Chair looks fantastic thanks to its distinct wood-grain finish, and the diamond pattern in the seat cushion can help you get your groove on. It has a built-in massage function that’s powered by the lowest level of your electric pump, and an auto-on function. This cult classic looks to be incredibly well built and able to provide gentle pressure that gets to the lower back. Another reason to get excited about the design is the idea of not needing a separate massage pump, which would add to the price.

The 3D-printed curved design seems perfect for anyone who isn’t able to lie flat, while the hip and thigh support makes it as easy as sitting to use this massager chair. This model looks to be created for people with limited mobility, making it perfect for individuals who may have suffered from a serious injury that’s made their mobility compromised.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Is your back aching and you’re looking for relief? But have you heard of the Human Touch massage chair? Maybe not. These things are out there, but they haven’t captured the public’s imagination like the chair that basically helps you sleep. Human Touch is a company that provides high-end home and office products. The chair is manufactured by a company called Marquis. So it’s the last name. It’s a bit pricier than the massages you get from your own hands, but we’re pretty sure it’s worth it.

This chair has a massaging headrest, a heated seat, massage pads, lumbar support, and side massaging pads. The $399 chair is larger than most. It’s got armrests to accommodate a standard size human body. But when you’re done using the thing. You may need to try the Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair. The human touch massage chair has vibration, movement, air jets, and water jets, all working together to help you get a better night’s sleep or feel better after a long day. You can also get laser therapy, which helps with lymphatic drainage and relieves pain.

Luraco Massage Chairs i9

Trusted by retail shops and spas for a number of years, and launched in the UK in 2012, Luraco’s chair range was a major hit with traditionalist businesses who considered regular massage chairs all but a gimmick. Now it has ‘touched’ so many shops that they’ve sold enough beds to fill a gymnasium, and so many of them have been installed that they need a warehouse full of them. But what’s the appeal? And how does Luraco’s i9 model, complete with foot massage, sync with a PC?

The Luraco i9 was designed specifically for shop floors. Designed for ergonomics, it’s got plenty of stability for any need, and ample space for chairs, although the manufacturer does recommend that its footprint fits no more than 10 square meters, though obviously, that is far less than you might find in a retail environment.

Luraco i9 Max

The i9 Max massage chair is a top-tier relaxation device that seamlessly melds state-of-the-art technology with ergonomic design, delivering a truly immersive and therapeutic experience. This remarkable piece of furniture has garnered widespread acclaim for its advanced features and meticulous attention to detail, making it a sought-after choice for individuals seeking respite from the rigors of daily life.

At its core, the i9 Max boasts an intelligent massage system that harnesses an array of techniques to target various muscle groups, promoting overall well-being. With massage techniques ranging from kneading and tapping to rolling and shiatsu, it successfully emulates the skilled hands of a professional masseuse. Its motor control allows for precise customization of massage intensity, ensuring that users can tailor their experience to their unique preferences and needs.

One standout characteristic of this chair is its built-in body scanning technology, which employs sensors to map the user’s physique, pinpointing pressure points and areas of tension. By adapting the massage program to the user’s individual body shape and dimensions, the chair offers a highly personalized and effective massage that specifically addresses discomfort.

Furthermore, the i9 Max offers the zero-gravity recline feature, which evenly distributes the user’s weight, reducing strain on the spine and promoting relaxation. Inspired by NASA’s research on astronaut comfort, this feature optimizes blood circulation and alleviates pressure on muscles and joints, elevating the massage experience.

Adding an extra layer of comfort and therapeutic benefit, the chair incorporates heating elements. Controlled heat can help relax muscles, boost circulation, and alleviate aches and pains. Strategically placed heating pads provide warmth in conjunction with the massage, offering additional relief.

When it comes to user convenience and connectivity, the i9 Max features an intuitive touchscreen control panel. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to sync their devices and enjoy soothing music or guided meditation during their massage sessions.

The chair is also designed with user safety and hygiene in mind. Its medical-grade synthetic leather upholstery is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. Moreover, it includes a child safety lock, ensuring safe use in households with young children.

In conclusion, the i9 Max massage chair is a testament to the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design in the world of relaxation furniture. With its intelligent massage system, body scanning technology, zero-gravity recline, heating elements, and user-friendly features, it offers a comprehensive and highly customizable massage experience. Whether used for relaxation, stress relief, or addressing specific muscle discomfort, the i9 Max sets a high standard for quality and innovation in the realm of massage chairs.

Luraco i9 vs. Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair Comparison

When comparing the Luraco i9 and the Luraco i7 Plus massage chairs, several key factors come into play, influencing the overall user experience and therapeutic benefits offered by each model.

First and foremost, both chairs are renowned for their advanced technological features and ergonomic design, catering to users seeking premium relaxation and stress relief. However, subtle differences distinguish the two models, warranting a closer examination to determine the optimal choice based on individual preferences and requirements.

The Luraco i9 stands out for its cutting-edge innovations, boasting an enhanced 3D robotic massage system that delivers customizable massage techniques with unparalleled precision. This advanced system utilizes multiple rollers to simulate human-like massage motions, effectively targeting specific areas of tension and promoting deep relaxation. Moreover, the i9 integrates intelligent body scanning technology, which automatically adjusts the massage intensity and focus based on the user’s unique body contours and preferences. This personalized approach ensures an optimal massage experience tailored to individual needs, maximizing therapeutic benefits and overall satisfaction.

In contrast, the Luraco i7 Plus offers a formidable array of features designed to elevate the massage experience to new heights. Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, the i7 Plus allows users to effortlessly navigate through various massage programs and adjust settings with ease. Furthermore, this model incorporates an advanced airbag massage system, which utilizes strategically positioned air chambers to provide gentle compression and decompression therapy, promoting circulation and alleviating muscle tension throughout the body. Additionally, the i7 Plus features integrated Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to stream their favorite music or audio content during massages, further enhancing relaxation and enjoyment.

When it comes to massage techniques and programs, both the Luraco i9 and the i7 Plus offer a diverse selection of options to suit different preferences and therapeutic needs. From traditional massage styles such as kneading and tapping to specialized modes like shiatsu and reflexology, users can choose from a wide range of preset programs or customize their massage experience according to specific preferences.

In terms of design and construction, both chairs feature high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity. However, the Luraco i9 distinguishes itself with its sleek, modern aesthetic and ergonomic contours, which provide optimal support and comfort during extended massage sessions. Conversely, the i7 Plus boasts a more classic design with refined detailing, exuding timeless elegance while maintaining functionality and comfort.

Ultimately, the choice between the Luraco i9 and the i7 Plus depends on individual preferences regarding massage techniques, technological features, and design aesthetics. Whether seeking cutting-edge innovation or timeless elegance, both models offer unparalleled relaxation and therapeutic benefits, making them worthy investments for those prioritizing health and wellness in their daily lives.

Final Thoughts

The Luraco i7 Massage Chair is a therapeutic chair built in the USA, so it’s durable, user-friendly, and therapeutic.

With optional health monitoring features, speed controls, a limited warranty + extended warranty, and an intuitive operating system (OS), the i7 massage chair offers an amazing neck massage. It helps you achieve true inner balance wellness.

And if you are looking for less expensive chairs, read our guide here.

But what chair will you get, and why?

Let’s talk in the comments below.


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