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Inada Massage Chair DreamWave Model Review (2024) & [Alternatives]

Tell me if this is you: you want to rip all the benefits of a great massage, you’ve read a bit about massage chairs, and everyone keeps bragging about the Inada DreamWave massage chair.

But simply reading its enumerated features might not mean much to you, right? Luckily, I want to fix all that.

I’ll discuss all of Inada DreamWave’s features in terms of pros and cons, benefits, and disadvantages.

I’ll also compare this back massage chair with its top contender (below)

Inada DreamWave Features

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

The DreamWave is a good model, but there are better alternatives out there!

S-Track Design

It is one of the best chairs on the market (it use to be the best around 5 years ago but now, in 2019, not necessarily the best chair), so it’s surprising that it only features an S-track.

S-TrackWhile the S-track has some definite benefits, it’s only the industry standard, and an L-track or a hybrid track is deemed better by some reviewers.

Still, I think there are certain advantages to having an S-track, such as the fact that it follows the S-curve of your spine, making this an ergonomic chair that can touch every sore point on your back, from the neck all the way to your lower back.

Chairs with S-tracks are also better when it comes to full-body stretches, getting your spine in a more comfortable position.

The quad rollers deliver a good, strong massage, yet not as vigorous as that delivered by L-track chairs, which can be a great thing if you’re a hobbyist user or have chronic pain.

Not a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Inada DreamWave does not have a zero-gravity feature.

Zero-Gravity SeatingIf you’re not sure what this means, zero-gravity is a feature inspired by NASA – you know the way astronauts train and sleep in zero gravity simulated environments.

Well, the zero-G chairs will lift up your knees above your heart level, so all your weight is supported by the rollers.

This way you can get a very deep massage, which complements the S-track design nicely.

The benefits of zero-G are plentiful. You can get more relaxed (deep relaxation), unwind sore muscles faster but also alleviate chronic spinal pain.

In fact, zero-G massages are a great tool to recover after surgery or bed rest, provided you get your doctor’s ok.

So, if you are looking for Zero gravity Features, take a look at other models such as Luraco i7 Plus (reviewed here)

3D Body Scan

The majority of high-end massage chairs offer reliable 3D body scanning technology.

3D Body ScanThis means the computer will find out where your sore spots and pressure points are, adjusting the rollers so that you get a more satisfying massage.

But the best thing about the DreamWave is that you can adjust the roller position manually, and also adjust the width of the massage area.

That way, you can focus on sore spots and alleviate pain faster or release, melt away muscle soreness.

Full Body Stretch Function

The body-stretch function offered by DreamWave is great and features a lot of therapeutic benefits.

This is a pre-programmed massage option you can easily find with your remote, and it’s the preferred option of many chronic pain sufferers.

Full Body StretchIn fact, it’s so good that I felt my back pain disappear almost immediately.

And here’s why. Spinal disc compression is the top most common cause of chronic back pain.

This massage chair uses airbags to stretch your body in a gentle, yet firm way, meanwhile reclining it so that your weight is supported by the massage chair and not your spine.

Another benefit of this body stretch is that your blood circulation is well improved, which is great if you have high blood pressure.

Besides, the full-body stretch offered by the DreamWave feels very life-like, much like a visit to the chiropractor.

Full Arm Massage

It offers a comprehensive full-body massage, including a full-arm massage.

Full Arm Massage

This is something you don’t see every day, with 20 air cells that cover the entire surface of your arms, from the shoulders and upper arms to your forearms, hands, and fingers.

This is a great way to alleviate joint pain, considering that the air cells will compress your arms then immediately release them – imagine how great this feels to your fingers if you have arthritis.

It’s also a great feature if you’re into bodybuilding or strength training and want to alleviate sore muscles.

But this massage also has other therapeutic benefits, like improving circulation and reducing blood pressure. Plus, it’s quite relaxing to focus on your shoulders!

Air Massage Feature

The DreamWave doesn’t just offer an airbag massage for your arms – it’s for your whole body, and it’s amazing.

The first reason is that it uses a mind-boggling number of Second Generation airbags: 101, which is way more than any other similar massage chair on the market can do.

Air MassageThese air cells provide soothing rhythmic motions that squeeze your muscles then immediately release them to feel much like what a chiropractor does.

The purpose is to decrease pain, improve circulation, and relax you.

But there’s another “culprit” for this terrific air massage: the fact that it customizes each of the sessions.

So you can adjust the air pressure, massage duration, and even select which body part you want the massage hair to focus on.

You can get a full0body massage, or simply choose to have your seat, foot, or arms taken care of.

The Calf, Foot and Sole Massage

The calf and foot massage offered by the technology is like a true dream wave.

Feet Massage FeatureWe already talked about the benefits of airbag massaging and what this chair’s rollers can do.

Now imagine you combine both of these for your feet. This sort of massage entails plenty of benefits.

If you have runners foot or joint pain, if you’re just coming back from a hike or a day wearing high-heels, this is definitely a massage that will make your pain go away.

Calf Massage FeatureIt’s also relaxing and can reduce high blood pressure, by improving blood circulation, so it’s a good massage to have after a day flying, if you’re constantly sitting down or if you’re recovering from bed rest.

Besides, the ottoman can easily be extended so that the DreamWave can offer all these benefits to taller users too, up to 6’5”.

This is a pretty unique feature among massage chairs, unfortunately, so kudos to Inada for making such a user-friendly massage chair!

Infrared Back and Seat Heat

Seat and back heat is a terrific feature, considering that most chairs that feature heat therapy only offer lumbar heat.

Infrared Back and Seat HeatBut the Inada can offer heat therapy both for your back and your seat area, which reduces chronic pain, unwinds the muscles, and makes the massage more effective.

Besides, warm rollers actually feel more life-like. I also loved the level of control I had with this model in regard to heat therapy.

I could adjust the heat just for my back or just for the seat, or for both at the same time.

Being able to customize your massage experience like that is really user-friendly.

Chair Program for Younger Users

Do you remember ever being a teenager? I do too.

Chair Program for Younger UsersHigh-school life filled with stress and anxiety, plus the pressure of becoming a young adult and the need to assert your independence. And on top of that: growth pain to make your life sweeter.

Luckily, the DreamWave features a youth program that accommodates people over 14.

This program is a bit milder, but it reduces stress, and decreases daily fatigue, and muscle pain.

Besides, another advantage is that this model can be used by people with a petite frame too, even if they’re not doing the Youth Program.

Proprietary Hip and Thigh Massage

It has a unique feature you won’t find anywhere else: the Iliotibial band massage.

Proprietary Hip and Thigh MassageThis band focuses on your hips and thighs, which are fairly large muscles.

If you’re a runner or if you have chronic pain in this area, including sciatica, you will feel instant relief.

Another great thing about this is that you can adjust the massage pressure yourself so that you can get either a gentle massage or a firmer one, depending on your needs.

Advanced Remote Сontrol

Before talking to you about the remote, let me just say a quick thing about the options offered by DreamWave: there are a lot of those!

This chair aims to address all its users, without leaving anyone behind.

Remote ControlThat’s why it features 16 pre-programmed massage options, plus 6 techniques that include Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Double Knead, Human Hands, and Shiatsu.

Some of these options feature adjustments for the massage speed, intensity, duration, or width, in which you can operate with the remote.

And that’s why it helps to have an organized remote control to help you customize your massage.

However, the remote, albeit logical and new well-designed, has a bit of a learning curve because let’s face it, there are a lot of options.

So this means that you can enjoy a quality massage as soon as you have the chair installed, but it will take you a bit to customize it to perfection.

Their chairs are made of synthetic leather and come in a few colors: brown, black, dark brown, TruBlack, and red.

Pros & Cons

So what’s the bottom line?


There are a lot of advantages to the DreamWave, but I’ll only mention a few here.

The first is the quality airbag massage, which is completely adjustable, vigorous, and actually effective.

With airbags that can even massage your fingers, shoulders, and arm, this chair is useful to people who work long hours or who have arthritis.

Full Upper Body Massage covering your neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

Secondly, I loved the sole massage this chair offered me – again, not something you see every day, with a great combination of airbags and rollers.

With a coverage of over 1,200-square inches, it can cover your entire body for a superior comprehensive massage.

Patented scanning technology searches shiatsu points on your body (special shiatsu point detection technology / Shiatsu Point Locator) and customizes each massage session to your individual need. And lastly, the unique thigh and hip massage for runners, shows that this chair is particularly user-friendly, catering to everyone.


One of the most significant drawbacks of the Inada massage chair is its price tag.

Of course, it’s not the most expensive one I’ve tried, and it certainly pays off to invest in a feature-packed chair, but it’s also true that not most people can afford this.

There are also other features I discussed above, like the one zero-G seating and the short S-track.

So the Dream Wave can definitely benefit from more zero-gravity positions as well as a longer L-track or hybrid track.

Otherwise, there are some things I could add to this chair that don’t impact its functionality, such as MP3 support and space-saving technology.

Besides, this is a very heavy chair, which makes it less than portable.


Inada Sogno DreamWave vs. Inada DreamWave

This is something that needs clearing up.

The Inada Sogno DreamWave was the first version of the Dream Wave, but the company retired it in 2015.

The chair was remodeled and rebranded as the Inada DreamWave.

Dreamwave Vs Inada Sogno

As such, there are just a few differences between the original and the current version.

The Sogno DreamWave used first-generation airbags instead of second-generation airbags, which are less effective.

You also couldn’t adjust the massage duration, which was much shorter, and the heating system was only focused on your lumbar area.

Otherwise, the Sogno DreamWave has most of the same features, like a wide array of options and techniques, the Youth Program, and a great stretch function.

INADA DreamWave Vs. Luraco i7 PLUS (Best Alternative)

There are some similarities between these two chairs, as well as some differences.

Firstly, the Luraco i7 Plus features an S-track, one zero-G seating position, and offers body scanning just like the Inada Dream Wave.

A first difference is that the Luraco i7 Plus features the 3D/ 4D technology, with rollers that move up and down, left and right, as well as in and out, providing an inward motion and outward up to 3 inches from the track.

Luraco Vs Inada

This will give you a more penetrating, deep tissue massage so that you can alleviate chronic pain or muscle soreness faster.

In terms of options, these chairs are quite similar, though the Luraco offers the advanced Swedish technique and the DreamWave boasts the Human Touch technique.

In turn, the Luraco only has 9 pre-programmed massages, but one of these options is the TV Mode, which reclines you so you can watch TV comfortably while getting massaged.

Another difference is that the Luraco i7 Plus only features 80 Second Generation Airbags.

These embracing air cells provide soothing massages, and you can also adjust the body part where you want the airbag massage, as well as the intensity level.

Besides, Luraco’s full body stretch is more aggressive than that offered by the Inada Dream Wave.

Otherwise, Luraco offers better heat therapy, with extensive heat even for your footwells.

Combine that with dual rollers, and you get one of the best foot massages you can think of, especially if you’re working on your feet all day long.

Why Luraco i7 Plus Has More Advantages?

Up until now, you can see that Luraco and Inada DreamWave are pretty similar, with advantages that compensate for their disadvantages.

However, the Luraco i7 Plus has more things up its sleeve:

  • MP3 support, with 10 W Bluetooth speakers, leads to a more immersive massage experience.
  • Memory function with 5 memory slots, so you can remember the best massages instead of re-twitching the chair to find your perfect massage.
  • Easy to use touchscreen remote that’s quite intuitive, even if the Luraco offers plenty of options.
  • The built-in heart rate and blood pressure monitor assists this chair’s therapeutic functions.


Are Inada Massage Chairs Good?

It may sound a bit odd, but there are some very good reasons why you should invest in a massage chair. And if you have a specific chair or chair style you like, you may find it even more appealing. On the other hand, these devices can really hit up your wallet, so make sure you shop around and compare prices.

Why Buy a Massage Chair? When you buy a massage chair, you are really buying it for two main reasons. First, you’re buying it to relax. The fact that you’re already sitting down is a big advantage. But even more than this, it’s a way of delivering massage at home. A massage you receive from an expert is one of the best ways to relax, but it can be quite expensive.

About the Company

Inada is a Japan-based brand with a great reputation because it has accustomed its users with quality products, chair’s award-winning design, and craftsmanship, as well as great customer support.

Inada LogoFamily Inada has decades of experience, activating on the market since 1962 with the explicit purpose of becoming an industry leader and of helping people improve their health.

Inada is a specialized massage chair manufacturer, with 14 massage chair models apart from the discontinued ones you can still find on other websites.

Inada is one of the few leading brands you can trust in the massage chair space. Other brands include Medical Breakthrough (even though not completely clear about their origins and testimonies), Panasonic Chairs, Titan / Osaki Brand (reviewed here), Brookstone Brand (seems to be discontinued many models now), Infinity (reviewed here), Human Touch (link to my review).

Warranty & Support

The Inada massage chairs offer a 3-year limited warranty for repair and replacement, with on-site service.

If you want a better deal, you can always purchase a 5-year extended warranty.

Customer Service

Customer support is good and easily reachable. You can Call Inada at 720-616-5003. They answer calls promptly on Monday through Friday from 9 am-5 pm Mountain Standart Time. If you need more support information you can visit their support page and a competent technician will reach you back quickly. You can also fill out the contact support form on the Contact Us page.

Safe Shipping Guarantee

Inada offers free white glove delivery, free shipping, and free return shipping in case you don’t like this chair.

However, buyers are the ones responsible for the chair’s safe return, so you’re liable in case the chair gets damaged or lost on its way back to Inada.

As such, if you’re shipping company offers insurance, you’d better take it.

Is it Worth Buying Massage Chair?

When you want to give the top massage chair for the home you ought to have a little bit of looking for and also, you would also need the knowledge as well as basic information about the products as well as the sales procedure. A massage chair is really a quite interesting product that can give the best therapy to the person the body that may be suffering from muscle pain, stiff shoulder, or any condition which makes the body require a special kind of workout to recover well. So, the best way is to use the product which has been included in the highest class that can provide a cost-effective option to get the best reward by those who are looking for the best place which has the best available type of products in the home.

At the same time, you are going to get the amazing feature that can be been seen in many products and is worth buying if you wish to give a particular kind of therapy to the person. To go through the massaging chair, you are needed to go through the various pages of the website which is offering the massage chairs to the customer who can come through the website and can give a particular review of the product. There you can also get the best-customized product which would be available for the customer who has any special need. So, the best option is to visit the website which is delivering the best-certified massage chair and can also recommend the best combination of the products to purchase.

Where to Buy

One great place to start is the Inada website, where you can find free white glove delivery and shipping.

Shop / where to buy / add to cartOn the other hand, if the price seems a bit too much for you, you can also try Amazon.

They’re a trustworthy site plus you can get a few holiday discounts if you choose the right time to buy this chair.

Even if you won’t get white glove delivery, Amazon’s shipping service is still fairly good., and you can also get decent used massage chairs, plus get a chance to read the users’ reviews.

Is it Bad to Sit in a Massage Chair for a Long Time?

I just got a massage at the wonderful local spa I love and I decided to use their massage chairs for a bit. I’m just going to lie there and relax for a bit. Should I be worried? If you’re going to try a massage chair for your relaxation (a trend that’s been growing over the last few years), you might as well jump in with both feet and get a room massage as well. And if you’re going to do that, I recommend that you stop after just the chair. People can become very addicted to their massage chairs and don’t realize that sitting in them for hours on end is bad for their health.

There have been several studies done recently, and the conclusions are pretty grim. For example, a Japanese study found that people who spent up to 15 hours in a massage chair per week were four times more likely to die during the st period than people who didn’t spend any time in one. And just recently, a University of Florida study showed that people who used the massage chairs at spas for more than an hour a week were three times more likely to have a stroke. Even short use is bad, so the rubbery seats have to go.

Who Makes Most Reliable Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs are better used by experts to give more trustworthy and regular feedback to their customers. The professionals can play a major role in determining the new massage chairs that are manufactured. The knowledge and experience can prove to be quite helpful in finding out a good massage chair that offers several perks. The professionals need to be knowledgeable about their products in order to make them easy for the customers to use. Massage chairs are available in different shapes, sizes, and features. So, a customer should choose a massage chair that offers the best features that are crucial for the customer’s health and wellness.

What is Difference Between 3D and 4D Massage Chair?

The difference between 3D and 4D massage technology in chairs lies in the depth and dimensionality of the massage experience they offer. These designations refer to the capabilities of the chair’s rollers and their ability to simulate various massage techniques. Let’s delve into the distinctions between 3D and 4D massage chairs:

**1. Dimensionality:

  • 3D: In 3D massage chairs, the rollers can move up and down, side to side, and in and out, creating a three-dimensional massage experience. This means they can adjust the intensity of the massage by protruding further out from the backrest or retracting closer to it. This depth adjustment allows for a more customizable and lifelike massage experience.
  • 4D: 4D massage chairs take it a step further by adding a time dimension to the massage. In addition to the movements of 3D chairs, 4D chairs can vary the speed and rhythm of the rollers, creating a fourth dimension of control. This extra dimension enables the rollers to mimic the dynamic and ever-changing techniques used by human massage therapists.

**2. Customization:

  • 3D: With 3D chairs, users can adjust the depth or protrusion of the rollers to customize the massage intensity. This feature allows users to tailor the massage to their preferences and comfort level.
  • 4D: 4D chairs offer a higher level of customization due to their ability to vary not only the intensity but also the speed and rhythm of the massage. This means users can experience a broader range of massage techniques and sensations, making it feel even more like a professional human massage.

**3. Realism and Variability:

  • 3D: 3D chairs provide a realistic and effective massage experience by adjusting the depth of the rollers. However, they may lack the variability and dynamic feel of 4D chairs, as they primarily focus on depth control.
  • 4D: 4D chairs excel in replicating the dynamic and changing nature of human massage. They can vary the speed and rhythm of the rollers, making the massage feel more lifelike, diverse, and true to the techniques employed by professional massage therapists.

**4. Massage Programs:

  • 3D: These chairs typically come with pre-programmed massage routines that utilize the 3D depth adjustment. Users can choose from various preset massage programs to target different areas and types of massage.
  • 4D: 4D chairs often include a more extensive selection of pre-programmed massages, taking advantage of their additional dimension of control. This allows users to enjoy a wider range of massage styles and sensations.

In summary, the main difference between 3D and 4D massage chairs is the level of dimensionality and customization they offer. While 3D chairs provide depth adjustment for intensity control, 4D chairs add the fourth dimension of speed and rhythm, resulting in a more dynamic, varied, and lifelike massage experience that closely mimics human massage techniques. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and the level of realism and customization you desire in your massage chair experience.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave HCP-10001a Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave HCP-10001a Massage Chair epitomizes the pinnacle of technological innovation and ergonomic design, offering users a luxurious and therapeutic relaxation experience. Boasting a plethora of advanced features and customizable settings, this massage chair sets the standard for excellence in the realm of home wellness furnishings.

Powered by a robust AC120V 60Hz (US) or AC220-240V 50-60Hz (EU) power supply, the Massage Chair consumes a mere 170W of energy, ensuring efficient operation without compromising performance. Equipped with an auto timer function, users can enjoy uninterrupted massages for approximately 15 minutes, although duration may vary depending on the selected automatic programs.

The HCP-10001a Massage Chair comes replete with a range of accessories designed to enhance comfort and tailor the massage experience to individual preferences. Bacterium Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders offer versatile options, available in both light and strong types to accommodate varying levels of intensity. Additionally, the Bacterium Buffer Pad allows users to adjust massage intensity by seamlessly switching between thick and thin pads, ensuring optimal comfort and efficacy.

Setting new standards in hygiene and durability, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave HCP-10001a Massage Chair features a Bacterium Antibacterial/dirt-resistant finish, safeguarding against microbial contamination and preserving the chair’s pristine condition for years to come.

In terms of dimensions, the Inada HCP-10001a Massage Chair boasts a generously proportioned design, with an overall width of approximately 93 cm and a depth of approximately 139 cm. The chair stands at a height of approximately 121 cm, offering ample space for users of varying sizes to recline and relax comfortably. When fully reclined, with the leg rest flat and armrests fully extended, the dimensions expand to approximately 97 cm in width, 210 cm in depth, and 76 cm in height.

Comprising a main chair, side cover, and leg rest, the HCP-10001a Massage Chair weighs approximately 115 kg in total. The main chair accounts for 97 kg of this weight, with the leg rest contributing an additional 18 kg.

In summary, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave HCP-10001a Massage Chair represents the epitome of luxury and functionality, offering users an unparalleled relaxation experience with its advanced features, customizable settings, and impeccable design.

Our Final Conclusion on DreamWave Shiatsu

The Inada DreamWave massage chair is a feature-packed chair that’s user-friendly and aims to cater to every user.

There are plenty of amazing features.

This chair boasts, many of which are quite therapeutic.

However, Luraco i7 Plus is a better alternative and the best massage chair in 2019, with its built-in blood pressure and heart rate monitor, MP3 and feet heat.

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives look at our guide to affordable massage chairs.

So now it’s your turn: which massage chair will you choose and why?

Let’s talk in the comments below!


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