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10 Top Rated Mesh Office Chair Models (2023): Our #1 Pick

Mesh office chairs make sure you’re more comfortable when you’re sitting for long hours. They’re lighter and more breathable than chairs made from other materials. Gone are the days of hard, scratchy chairs that cut off circulation. Mesh is now more supple and supportive.

Mesh chairs are now some of the best chairs money can buy because they provide simplistic ergonomic support. Unfortunately, not all mesh chairs are made with the same attention to detail, so have a look at the best ones below.

Key Takeaway: Mesh chairs can add a level of comfort and breathable support you’re sorely lacking in your conventional office chair.

Review Summary:

  • 1. Herman Miller Aeron – #1 Best Ergonomic Chair Model
  • 2. BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair – Best Model Under 100$
  • 3. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair – Best Budget Mesh Office Chair
  • 4. HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair – Best Mesh chair Under 200
  • 5. Humanscale Liberty Office Desk Task Chair – Good Mesh Desk Chair for Longer Hours
  • 6. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
  • 7. Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair – Affordable Model With Lumbar Support
  • 8. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – Comfortable Under $300
  • 9. Ergohuman Swivel Chair with Headrest – Best High Back Office Chair
  • 10. BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Chair – Good For Conferences

11 Top Mesh Office Chairs (Our Recommended Models):

We’ve selected a range of mesh chairs that will fit any budget. Whether you need a high-end model or a quality budget buy, there’s a model on this list that will change the way you sit forever. We put them to the test, and these chairs came out on top:

1. Herman Miller Aeron – #1 Best Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron by Hernan Miller was recently updated to incorporate new research on spine health. Including the ever-growing needs of office-employees. And after sitting in it, we have to agree- it’s one of the best office chairs on the planet

The “health-positive” design has been remastered with over 20 years of experience in ergonomics and technology. This will support you whether you’re reaching for your coffee or typing all day long. Basically, any seated posture today’s work environment demands.

8 Varying Support Zones – Even though the chair is made from mesh, this elastomer fabric is specially designed to provide ergonomic support. It gives way in areas of high pressure while remaining firm in areas where you require extra support.

Increased Airflow – With the mesh backrest and seat, there is no danger of embarrassing moisture buildup. The air can flow freely through the fabric.

PostureFit SL – Individual pads allow you to adjust the pelvic tilt and lumbar support to perfectly fit your posture.

Dynamic Support – All the features of the Aeron are integrated to work together to support your spine effectively, whether you are sitting still or moving about. The Kinemat Tilt design lets your body’s joints move naturally without restriction.

Seamless Shift – Relaxing back into a fully reclined position has never been easier. You get total support in any position.

Inclusive and Environmentally Friendly Design – There are various size options available. The chair is manufactured to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. In other words, you get a chair that matches your size without negatively impacting the environment.

Fully Adjustable – Seat height, tilt tension and stop, and forward tilt are adjustable. So are lumbar support and height. The armrest height, angle, and protrusion are also all adjustable. Culminating in a chair that will adjust to your specific shape.

  • Plenty of Ergonomic Features, including Posture Fit and Kinemat Tilt.
  • Highly Adjustable
  • High Tech Mesh that molds to your shape.
  • No head/neck support

Key Take-Away: The Aeron is much more comfortable than it used to be and offers a wide range of adjustments. It’s suitable for all shapes and sizes. The only downfall is that there is no option for head/neck support.


2. BestOffice Ergonomic Desk Chair – Best Model Under $100

Bestoffice Office Chair

This ergonomic mid-back chair from BestOffice is specifically designed to keep you comfortable. It has a thickly padded seat and nylon mesh backrest.

The seat is generously padded for comfort, while the ergonomically curved mesh backrest offers good support and ventilation for your back. The mid-back design leaves your upper torso unrestricted to move about your office work.

Lasting Comfort – This chair prevents back pain that occurs when you sit in front of your computer for long hours. It has a generously padded seat and ergonomically shaped mesh backrest to keep you comfortable and cool.

Warranty – The chair comes with a 90-day warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. That means you can return it if you aren’t satisfied.

Adjustable – The seat height and tilt tension are both adjustable. The chair also has a tilt lock to prevent you from falling over backward.

  • Satisfaction Warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Quality control problems

Key Takeaway: This is a good chair for the price. It isn’t the best in terms of quality, with some defective parts reported. But it is comfortable and provides decent posture support. There’s nothing that took our breath away about this chair, but for the price, it’s quite reliable.


3. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair – Best Budget

Flash Furniture Chair

This mid-back office chair has a leather seat with a waterfall edge for added style and comfort. If you’re looking for a less expensive chair, this is a very good chair.

As far as features go, it has the basics and includes flip-up arms that are very convenient.

It’s also height-adjustable with tilt-tension control and lock for personalized adjustments. The ergonomic design offers support and comfort throughout your day.

Other features include:

Ventilated Mesh – The mid-back design has an ergonomic mesh backrest that increases airflow while keeping you well supported.

Built-in Comfort – With padded armrests, a waterfall seat edge, and lumbar support, this chair is built to support your posture and keep you comfortable.

Adjustable – The seat height and tilt lock allow you to adjust the chair in a way that suits your preferences the best. The flip-up armrests allow you to put the armrests down when not in use so the chair can easily be pushed under your desk.

  • Leather Waterfall Seat
  • Flip-Up Arms
  • Freedom of movement – mid-back design & flip-up arms.
  • Mid-back backrest offers no upper back support

Key Takeaway: This is a nice looking chair that is great for people like me who move around a lot during office hours. It does however not have upper back support which left my back feeling tired and sore at the end of a long day. But it’s good value for money.


4. HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair – Best Mesh Chair Under $200

HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair

The Exposure Mesh Task Chair from HON has a good range of features considering the price. These include adjustable armrests and lumbar support for personalized comfort.

It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, which means that you’re going to be spending your money well and that your chair will stand the test of time.

Some key features include:

Breathable Mesh – The breathable mesh backrest is ergonomically designed for comfort and support. It keeps you in a good posture, and there’s no nasty sweat buildup.

Fully Adjustable – The seat position moves forward or backward to accommodate the length of your legs. The Glide feature allows the seat to move back and forth as you sit forward or back. This keeps your posture in the optimum position. The armrests move sideways to increase or decrease seat width if you aren’t a standard size. They also adjust up and down for a comfortable fit (see this article). The extent of recline and seat height can adjust until it’s a perfect fit for you

Lumbar Adjustment – The lumbar support pillow moves up and down to give you support in the right place. This reduces lower back strain and makes you more productive.

Synchro-Tilt – The tilt works in a 2:1 (backrest to seat) ratio to keep your spine aligned as you recline. So the seat only tilts half as far back as you do The tilt tension and lock make sure the recline is just the way you like it.

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Synchro-Tilt
  • Seat Depth Adjustment and Glide Mechanism
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Some breakages reported including pneumatic lift deflation.
  • The seat is hard.

Key Take-Away: This is the best value-for-money deal on a mesh chair. It is, however, a bit hard for extended sitting and there have been quite a few breakages reported. But, customer service is good and the warranty makes this an especially good deal.


5. Humanscale Liberty Office Desk Task Chair – Good Mesh Desk Chair for Longer Hours

Humanscale Liberty



6. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – Most Reliable Budget Chair

Modway Articulate Chair

The Articulate chair by Modway is a very reliable economic buy for if you need special support. Especially if you can’t afford the pricey tags on some of the high-end models. The Articulate is a great example that a chair doesn’t have to be pricey to be good.

The mesh backrest is high to support your shoulders. The mesh-covered plush seat is comfortable if you sit for long hours. And I must say the overall ambiance of the chair is rather pleasing.

Here are some of the key features:

Mesh Backrest – The mesh backrest is ergonomically designed to give extra support where you need it. It also allows airflow to keep you cool. Modway also uses a softer mesh to ensure a more comfortable sitting experience. It doesn’t cut off blood circulation as harder meshes can.

Sturdy and Supportive – The Articulate holds up to 336lbs and is designed to do everything an office chair should do. It will help you keep a good posture for extended periods.

Adjustable – The levers are easy to use. They include seat height, tilt, and angle adjustment, tilt lock, and armrest height adjustment. It’s a basic chair with the added advantage of adjustable armrests for better elbow and wrist support.

Extra Attention to Comfort – The pneumatic height adjustment and the contoured, adjustable armrests add an extra bit of comfort; some other models in this category don’t offer. This is especially useful if you type a lot. It relieves strain from your shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

Stylish – Available in six vibrant colors, the Articulate is designed to improve the aesthetics of your office environment. It’s one of those quirky chairs that make a statement without being overpowering.

  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Mesh backrest can give out over time.

Key Takeaway: The Articulate has all the main adjustments you need. Except, perhaps lumbar adjustment. Overall this has turned out to be the most reliable chair on a budget. It has the best performance, level of comfort, attention to detail, durability, and adjustability. In short, it’s going to make your life a whole lot better. And you won’t even have to spend that much.


7. Smugdesk Mid-Back Big Ergonomic Office Chair – Affordable Model With Lumbar Support

Smugdesk Chair

The Smugdesk is a bigger chair with proper lumbar support and mesh backrest. The backrest will keep you comfortable and well ventilated. Even when you’re seated for long hours.

Even the padded seat keeps you well ventilated. You are improving airflow without compromising your level of comfort.

Bigger Size – When it comes to size, you’re not going to find bigger. This is the biggest chair in this price category, making it a good option if you like a more spacious chair. Max weight capacity is 270lbs.

Lumbar Support – Reliable lumbar support keeps you in the best possible posture throughout the day. This will reduce strain and pain on your entire spine.

Breathable Seat – The seat is covered resilient mesh to keep you well ventilated. This allows airflow to stop moisture from building up. While the resilient mesh doesn’t snag or wear easily. The thickly padded quality sponge will keep you even more comfortable.

Adjustable – Tilt lock and chair height can be adjusted for a comfortable, personalized seat and recline. We all know a good stretch and recline are great at the end of a long day.

Smooth Casters – the PU casters can be used on hardwood or carpet without damaging the surfaces. You can comfortably scoot from one area to another without damaging your floors.

Easy to Assemble – No tools required. I unpacked and set this chair up in minutes.

Warranty – This chair comes with a 12-month parts-replacement warranty should any parts of your chair fail or break. All you need to do is send a photo in of the damages.

  • Larger Sized Chair
  • Breathable Padded Mesh Seat
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Unreliable models have been reported (Pneumatic lift and backrest issues)
  • Company does use good reviews as leverage for replacement parts.

Key Takeaway: At less than $100 this is a good chair. It might not be the best and there are some issues regarding broken chair returns, where the seller asks for a better review in exchange for a replacement chair. But, overall, for the price and how comfortable the lumbar support is when you sit in it, it’s worth the risk.


8. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – Comfortable Under $300

Duramont Chair

The Duramont has some state-of-the-art features that make it one of the most comfortable chairs under $300.

Not only can seat height and tilt be adjusted like all office chairs, but the lumbar support adjusts as well. Move up and down and in and out, for a comfortable fit right in the curve of your lower back.

The headrest can also be adjusted up and down or pivot for comfortable head and neck support, which is a great relief if you suffer from neck and shoulder strain.

Some key features include:

Adjustable – Besides normal chair adjustments such as height and tilt, the lumbar support and headrest can also be adjusted for an even more comfortable fit. This can prevent or relieve neck a shoulder strain if you like hunching forward.

Breathable – The backrest is made from breathable mesh. This not only supports you but keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your day.

Easy to Install – The instructions are simple, with eight easy steps to follow. You can set it up quite easily, even without the instructions.

High Quality – Max weight capacity is 330lbs with all the parts made to last. It includes a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you don’t like it within this timeframe, you can return it for your money back.

  • Highly Adjustable – including lumbar support adjustment
  • Lumbar Support and Headrest for Added Comfort.
  • High-Quality Chair
  • No Waterfall Seat Edge, so it cuts off circulation.
  • Breaks After 6 Months

Key Takeaway: This is a nice chair for the price, but some issues I had were that the seat is hard, and digs into the back of your legs. The lumbar support is also hard, and the pneumatic lift mechanism fails after 6 months. Which is conveniently after the money-back guarantee ends, so no refunds. But other people have bought the chair and been happy with it for years. So it seems like if you aren’t hard on chairs, and like harder chairs this one should last you a good long time.


9. Ergohuman Swivel Chair with Headrest – Best High Back Office Chair

Ergohuman Chairs

The Ergohuman range of chairs is all ergonomically designed to support various seated postures. It might be slightly more expensive, but it’s worth the price if you ask me. It is a quality high-back chair that offers you good, comfortable support.

These chairs are so good they’re favored by government and military offices. They offer both comfort and style with a variety of options to suit your specific needs. This is also one of the few models that offer adjustable backrest height.

A great benefit if you’re taller or shorter than average like I am.

Mesh or Padded Leather – Whether you want extra padding or more airflow, there’s an option to suit your preference. You can choose from just leather, leather, and mesh or just mesh. The leather seat is very comfortable, while the mesh options are more breathable.

Ergonomic – It’s right there in the name. This chair is designed to offer full support in a variety of postures, keeping you supported throughout the day. Keeping you comfortable and reducing back pain (link).

3 Position Tilt Lock – This feature offers you three positions to recline into. The tilt tension control gives you the option of choosing how easily you recline when lying back. If you like a more sturdy chair, just turn the knob.

Easy to Adjust – Adjusting the chair is not complicated at all. When something starts feeling uncomfortable, there’s a single paddle on the right that makes all the adjustments you may need to make throughout the day.

Height Adjustable, Pivoting Headrest – Offers a range of positions you can choose from to best suit your needs. With the proper head and neck support, your neck pain is prevented, relieved, or reduced.

Height Adjustable Back – This is very important for non-average height people. There are 4 height options for the backrest that set independently from the rest of the chair. If you’re shorter, just set it to the lowest adjustment. Taller? Go for the higher option.

Dynamic Lumbar Support – The lumbar support is set on a spring, so it moves forward and back as you do, so your lower back is always supported. This reduces the strain you put on your lumbar spine for a healthier, more relaxed work environment.

Completely adjustable Armrests – The armrests adjust up or down, pivot in or out, or slide back and forth. These armrests move independently to give you the support you need to keep your shoulders relaxed to prevent tension and pains.

Seat Depth and Height Adjustment – Allows you to set the correct height and depth of the seat for your needs. If you have longer or shorter legs, set the seat more forward or back for a custom fit.

Tilt Lock and Tension Control – This chair has a built-in safety feature that stops the chair from slamming into your back when you release the tilt lock. It has more than just the standard recline features. The seat and backrest also recline separately, so you feel more stable and comfortable.

  • Adjustable Backrest Height
  • Adjustable Headrest, Armrests, and Seat
  • Available in Leather for Comfort or Mesh for Airflow
  • Tilt Lock Safety Feature
  • Springy/Loose – Not stiff
  • Lumbar support isn’t manually adjustable.
  • Can be too springy/loose for some people.

Key Take-Away: The chair comes in two versions, if you’re shorter opt for version 2, otherwise stick with the original. This is a good value for money option, offering a range of choices and key features to ensure your comfort. Unfortunately, lumbar support is not adjustable so if you have a non-average lower-back, it’s better to opt for a different chair.


10. BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Chair – Good For Conferences

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chairs

The BERLMAN is a comfortable, mesh chair that’s good for sitting in for long hours, making it a nice addition to conference rooms.

For the price, it is also one of the best buys. There have been a few complaints about the base and armrests breaking, but if you’re not going to be sitting in it 24/7, this is one of the best value-for-money chairs you can buy.

Here are some key features:

Comfortable – The mesh is supported by an integrated, contoured frame that is both breathable and comfortable as it hugs the curves of your spine.

Lumbar Support and Headrest – The headrest and lumbar support are built-in to make this a more supportive chair if you’re feeling particularly stressed or tired.

Adjustable – The chair has all the normal adjustments such as tilt-lock and tension and seat height adjustment so you can find a comfortable sitting position. Getting the right posture is paramount to being more productive.

Adjustable Arms – The flip-up arms can be pulled up when you need them, or stashed away at seat level if not in use, making this a great space-saving and versatile chair.

  • Headrest and Lumbar Support for added comfort.
  • Flip-Up Arms
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Mesh can be scratchy.
  • A few defective models have been reported

Key Takeaway: Overall this is a very good high-backed chair with built-in headrest and lumbar support to keep you supported throughout your day. The collapsible arms make this a very versatile chair too. But, if you’re a heavy user, this chair has been known to break unexpectedly. Overall it’s quite reliable with lighter or intermittent use. If you’re not going to be taking the chair through its paces, this is a good option for you.


Mesh Chair vs Leather

Mesh chairs and leather chairs have their redeeming features.

Mesh chairs are more breathable and generally last longer than PU Leather. And they’re cheaper compared to leather chairs that offer the same features.

On the other hand, leather chairs tend to be more cushioned and sofa kind of comfortable. Real leather can last years. But foam can lose its sponginess after a while.

Mesh vs Leather

You know how chairs go hard and cut off your circulation after a while. Sometimes it gets so bad you’re scared of getting up because you’re not sure if your legs still work. So it’s important to get high-quality foam.

So how do you know when to get a mesh chair instead of a leather chair?

When you want more sturdy support, that’s generally more adjustable and definitely more breathable get a mesh chair.

Some mesh chairs even come with a leather seat, which keeps your back cool and your bottom comfortable.

And in recent years, mesh chairs have become some of the most adjustable chairs. More and more of them offer adjustable armrests, lumbar support, headrests, and even backrest height.

This adjustability is just not something you easily find in an affordable leather office chair. So if you’re looking for something more adjustable, a mesh chair is a good option for you.

Key Takeaway: Leather chairs will definitely offer you more comfort, but mesh chairs will give you better support, and they’re more durable and adjustable. So if you want a chair that will last longer and keep you in a better seated position, get a mesh chair.

Mesh Chair vs Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are figure-hugging, durable comfort machines with a lot of adjustable features, including lumbar support adjustment and even leg rest in some cases. They’re built for gamers.

Gamers can spend days in their chairs. Gamers need comfort and durability. If you’re a gamer, you know what I’m talking about.

But, gamers don’t work in an office.

Gaming chairs can be a bit too out-there for a more high-end office. Their looks just don’t fit. Imagine going into your lawyer’s office and seeing a bright blue gaming chair. That just doesn’t send the right message.

On top of that, while gaming chairs offer great stability and support, they don’t offer the best range of motion. They’re usually high backed with a kind of bucket seat design that’s great for playing games.

But when you sit in the chair, it becomes difficult to do things like filing, answering the phone and doing general office things. They’re more constricted than general office chairs.

vs Gaming Chair

But when you sit down in a high-end mesh chair, they actually move with you, giving you support in more than just one position.

While some gaming chairs are “breathable,” they aren’t nearly as breathable as a mesh chair. They’re usually made from a solid material, which feels more comfortable on your skin, but doesn’t offer the same airflow as a mesh chair.

Furthermore, gaming chairs have some incredible adjustments. But they’re not very practical for the office. Are you really going to be using the built-in speakers?

Would you really want a chair that has an extra head/neck pillow, but it’s bright blue, so you can’t use it in your conservative office? Or a leg rest that you’re also not going to be using?

Mesh chairs have just the right amount of features to keep you comfortable in your office. They’re also more conservative and send the right message to your co-workers and clients. They’re the better option for office use.

Key Takeaway: A gaming chair can be great if you fit into them, you don’t move around a lot in the office and you can find one that matches your office space. But those are a lot of boxes to tick. For the same price, you can find a good mesh chair that has all the features you need, with more mobility and breathability. And mesh chairs match just about any office decor. So if you want to make your life a lot easier, it’s much better to get a mesh chair.

Is Mesh Chair Durable?

People who take the time to sit back in a proper chair for hours on end are aware of just how much our backs can ache when the butt of our chairs is placed too low or not high enough. The process of wearing down the supports and joints of our chairs is sometimes made worse by using the chairs improperly, which leads to wear and tear over time. If you’re using a mesh chair for long-term work, your back is in for some agony. As with any material, big and tall mesh chairs won’t last forever, which is where you need to take precautions before you invest in one. Mesh chairs need to be re-covered every few up against our bodies. For most people this happens after a few hours of too much work, sitting in front of a computer, or too many hours in the car.

You should try as much as possible to create the best possible position for your feet to rest in while you work in your chair, however. For instance, if you’re working at a desk, try to stay on your feet. There are numerous standing or long-standing chairs out there, but if you are sitting all day, then you will quickly learn that they can cause serious discomfort when it comes to your body and your back. If you really need to stand at a desk for long periods of time, then you will need to look into a good adjustable chair. These kinds of chairs don’t require you to sit or lay down in them.

Is Mesh Chair Better Than Cushion?

There are actually a lot of people who have experimented with the different methods to hold their kids in the car seat. What they all have found is that the device you place your child in on the seat or carrier, should not be too hard, has holes, that do not obstruct the child’s legs. Mesh (Mesh: You feel it, it feels like a thick, protective air mattress, a chair that’s firm but supportive, that just hugs your baby) is much easier to use than a cushion.

There are two types of ergonomically designed chairs on the market: soft and flat. No matter what type of chair you prefer, you’ll probably be unhappy with your first choice if it doesn’t provide enough support. To reap the benefits of a supportive seat without spending a fortune, you should consider a floor-standing or adjustable chair that lets you adjust the height, height, height, or angle of your back.

Are Swivel Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Don’t jump to any sudden conclusions. But yes, some chairs that swivel can be bad for your back, but it’s more about the chair and how you sit in it and less about the swivel.

It all starts with adjustable lumbar support. As you sit for hours, your lower back needs to work hard to keep you upright.

Now, you can stretch and work out as much as you like, but imagine holding up a brick for 8 hours straight. Eventually, you will get tired.

Swivel ChairsSure, you can delay the inevitable fatigue by taking short breaks. Unfortunately, your arm will get tired if you hold that brick out in front of you. And it will get more and more difficult.

Now that’s essentially what your lumbar back is doing while you sit in a chair that has inadequate lumbar support.

And the more tired you get, the more you sit forward. But this does the opposite of help; it actually just puts more strain on your lumbar spine, which leads to more aches and pains.

These aches may manifest as a general ache or a sense of listlessness in the beginning, but over time, your entire spine is affected, and this leads to a whole host of back issues.

So, getting back to swivel chairs, if your swivel chair offers good, sturdy lumbar support and you sit in a good position for most of your day, swiveling around on your chair isn’t going to make all that much of a difference.

But, if your lumbar spine is already stressed or strained, a funny swivel can be that last straw, you know, the one that breaks the camel’s back.

That’s why it’s important to find a chair that’s supportive, not squishy, and soft. You need something that will help your lower back keep the rest of your torso in a good position while you sit.

Key Takeaway: Swivel chairs are not your biggest issue. Lumbar support that is stable and supportive should be your main concern. For example, a Smugdesk won’t throw your back out because your lower back is supported and ready for action.

Things To Consider

You may like the idea of how breathable a mesh chair is, but there are some things to consider before buying one.

Some versions can cut off circulation. Especially those models with an unpadded mesh seat. In recent years mesh has advanced.

More expensive mesh chairs often offer variable tension across the mesh. This means that the mesh is “harder” in some areas and “softer” in others.

The variable tension offers support where needed while molding to the contours of your body in others. But these features are usually found in higher-end mesh chairs. If you’re on a budget, a waterfall seat edge and padded seat will do wonders for the comfort of your bum.

Main Things You Must Consider

Mesh chairs are also generally more adjustable than traditionally upholstered chairs, which can be a big bonus… But then you get some chairs that move around a LOT.

These chairs are good in a dynamic office environment, but if the chair bounces up and down every time you reach for your coffee, that can become tiring.

The good lumbar support should be one of the key selling points of the chair. Otherwise, look elsewhere. If you know you have a more curved lumbar spine, look for a chair that has more lumbar support.

You want something sturdy that’s going to carry your weight throughout the day. If you get really tired from sitting all day, you may even want to opt for a high-backed chair that will support the length of your spine, not just your lumbar back.

That being said, compared to traditionally upholstered chairs, mesh chairs are more affordable, breathable, and adjustable than other chairs in the same price range. The mesh also lasts longer than most PU leathers, so it can be a much better investment than a cheap, fully padded chair.

Key Takeaway: Make sure you get a comfortable mesh chair with good lumbar support and a softer seat. This will keep your back from tiring out and your bum from going numb. Two things you really don’t want to be dealing with while you’re working.

Are Mesh Computer Chairs Good?

These mesh computer chairs are the sleekest of the bunch. My only issue with them is that they feel like a beach umbrella and have a tendency to bend in the middle of the day. But the best thing about them is that they don’t smell like an armpit. Prices start around $79. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Hybrid Travel Mug. I’ll admit that I’ve taken my black coffee too seriously before. But then I tried this West Loop hybrid travel mug, and suddenly I was addicted. This mug is easy to clean. The valve, which is inside the body of the mug, can be closed, allowing the coffee to be stored at a constant temperature for hours. Best of all, this mug can be microwaved! What a deal.

Prices start at around $35. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. This is the best hair dryer that I’ve ever used. The Supersonic is less like a traditional hairdryer and more like a jet engine. The white noise and the ferociousness of this hairdryer is the perfect accompaniment to my twice-weekly meditation sessions. I don’t feel like I’m working a dryer at all. This thing washes out my hair in less than 20 minutes and I feel re-energized, not depleted. I don’t look like my grandmother anymore!

What is the Benefit of a Mesh Back Chair?

Before we get to the story of how the back of the chair is made from a blend of shape memory alloy and foam, it is important to mention why this is such an effective material. It is not just about making the chair as strong as it can be. This is the one size fits all, and because no two chairs are the same it is the only way to make something as strong as it can be.

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, the padding and shape memory alloys tend to be denser than one would imagine. This means that even a moderate twist, when combined with the appropriate amount of pressure in a deep bite, will cause it to bounce back into shape again. The end result is something that is either flexible or tough, which is what any good manufacturer wants.

Why Are Mesh Office Chairs So Popular?

Mesh office chairs have gained immense popularity due to a combination of ergonomic design, comfort, and breathability, making them the preferred choice for many individuals in professional settings. This surge in popularity can be attributed to several key factors.

The primary reason for the popularity of mesh office chairs is their ergonomic design. Ergonomics is the science of creating products and environments that are well-suited to human needs, and mesh chairs are crafted with this principle in mind. These chairs provide excellent lumbar support, which is crucial for maintaining proper posture during long hours of desk work. The mesh material contours to the natural curve of the spine, promoting a more comfortable and healthier sitting position. This ergonomic advantage helps prevent issues like lower back pain and muscular strain, making mesh chairs a preferred option for individuals seeking comfort and well-being during their workday.

Another compelling feature of mesh office chairs is breathability. The mesh material is designed to allow for proper ventilation, which helps regulate body temperature and reduce the buildup of heat and moisture. This breathability is particularly beneficial during extended periods of sitting, as it minimizes discomfort and keeps the user feeling fresh and focused. It also plays a role in preventing the formation of sweat and moisture-related issues, such as odors and skin irritation.

Furthermore, mesh chairs are visually appealing. Their modern and sleek design complements contemporary office aesthetics. Mesh allows for a minimalist and clean appearance, which resonates with the aesthetics of many modern workplaces.

Durability is yet another reason behind their popularity. High-quality mesh materials and sturdy construction ensure that these chairs can withstand the rigors of everyday office use. The combination of longevity and comfort makes mesh chairs an attractive choice for both employers and employees, as they provide a lasting return on investment.

In summary, mesh office chairs are popular due to their ergonomic design, breathability, visual appeal, and durability. These chairs are crafted to promote healthy sitting postures, enhance comfort, and maintain user well-being during long work hours. Their ability to complement modern office aesthetics adds to their popularity. Whether you are an employer aiming to provide comfortable workstations or an individual seeking a productive and pleasant work environment, the mesh office chair is a popular choice that offers multiple benefits.

Conclusion. Who Makes the Best Mesh Office Chair?

While the list is full of good office chairs, there are some that are better in certain aspects. Some offer softer seats; others offer better lumbar adjustment. The chair you want all depends on what you do and need.

The Ergohuman can be very comfortable and has a lot of good features, but it can be too bouncy. If you’re the type of person that likes more stability in their life.

The BERLMAN is a nice high-back chair, but if you like things just the right way, the lumbar support, and headrest don’t adjust.


The Duramont is a comfortable mesh chair and a good buy if you’re on a stricter budget. It’s under $300.

The Smugdesk is by far the most affordable model. But the Modway is more reliable for a slightly higher price.

The FlashFurniture chair is a pretty good, affordable mid-back option. But the BestOffice is your best bet in terms of comfort, durability, and price. It’s going to set you back less than $100.

As far as more expensive mesh chairs go, the Herman Miller Aeron can’t be beaten. It has everything you need, except for a headrest. But its lumbar support and seat comfort are unparalleled.

There’s a mesh chair to suit not only your budget but your office and personal preferences too.

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