Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair Review & PLUS Model [2024]

If you know me and follow my site, you probably know that I rated Luraco massage chair i7 (now upgraded to i7 PLUS model) is the best massage chair in 2021. You will discover why (below)! Luraco Technologies is a USA company based in Dallas, Texas. American is not the only country that produces high-quality … Read more

Panasonic Massage Chair Review (2024) TOP Models & [Alternatives]

Tell me if this is you: you love massages, but your local massage therapist or chiropractor wants to beat stress and pain out of your body. Which feels quite painful, right? But Panasonic has found a way to deliver deep, comprehensive massages without that feeling. We’ve talked to experts, read countless reviews, and ended up … Read more

Human Touch Massage Chairs [Review & Buyer’s Guide 2024]

There are only a few brands in the whole massage chair industry that are reliable and worthy of paying attention. One of those brands is Human Touch. With 95+ models that come out this year from the top companies alone, you need to know which band to trust. Even within the same brand, not all … Read more

11 Best Office Chairs Under $200 Review | #1 Top Model [2024]

Best Office Chair Under 200

If you love getting a great value for the money, but don’t want a throw a Grand or Two on top the line office chair, I have good news… You can get a perfectly good office chair for under 200 dollars. From making you more productive or helping combat physical stress, a good comfortable office … Read more